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My name is Hannah and I am a 20 something, Catholic, yoga-loving, book reader, coffee drinker(decaf & black please!), fashion obsessed, wannabe gardener, professional house hunter and lover of interior design. I love to take pictures, travel and be around family always. I am ever so happily married to my husband Ralph and together we have 3 boys and a baby on the way! I spend my days at home with the boys which is a dream (most of the time ;) you know how that goes, right?) The truth is my life is a bit of a mess. A big, happy, fulfilling, mess. I will never pretend to have it all together because I don’t, but that’s what makes our life so great. Our life is far from perfect…but that is what makes our life so perfect. Also, I eat a lot of bacon.

about me

Meet Ralph, my husband and best friend who inspires me. Here is a whole lot of sweet things I said about him one day. He must have done something really nice for me that day…And here & here are some pictures from our wedding. Ralph’s website.summer moments (5)

Although I tend to talk about my kids in every post, here is a little bit more about them.

This is my first born, Jack Timothy. Jack is 5 and you can read more about him here.and here.Jack

Meet Remy, my 3 year old. A little more about him here.Remy1

And then there is Liam, my 2 year old and the baby. (not for long though!) Here is a little about Liam.

Liam 2

And we are expecting our 4th little blessing in early May!



Lucille Estelle was born May 1st…praise God!

Lucille's nursery (1)

Thank you for visiting us, I hope you stay awhile!real (6)

I am a Tastefully Simple consultant and use a lot of their products in my recipes. Visit my online store below or contact me via e-mail if you are interested in placing an order.