Alice in Wonderland Tea Party

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*Please enjoy this guest post by my friend Emily, about her daughter Ellie’s Alice in Wonderland themed birthday party. Emily came into my life about 4 years ago and she has been a dear friend ever since. Girl has got birthday party planning talent, always has! This tea party was soo good! The other moms and I were talking at the party about how this party blew all of our parties out of the water. You win! So creative. Take it away Em…teaparty (6)

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When my daughter told me that she wanted her 6th Birthday Party theme to be ‘Alice In Wonderland’, I was elated! That was, until I found that you cannot really purchase many Alice themed decorations. As much as this discouraged me, it also got me excited, and my creative juices flowing.

I wanted our backyard to be as much of a ‘wonderland’ as possible, with a long tea table at the center of the party. That was my main focus. We had plain table coverings,  mismatched plates, napkins, and chairs. For table decorations I made two floral arrangements with some clearanced floral/fruit mixtures, and filled the vases with sap moss. Along the table we displayed our finger foods, and queen of hearts heart shaped sandwiches on various platters. My favorite table decoration had to be the white rabbit statue that I searched high and low for (Hobby Lobby). Of course, no tea party would be complete without the tea pots and cups! This was the most challenging. I thrifted for weeks, looking for the perfect mismatched tea cups, and two tea pots. The tea pots were the toughest, and I ended up finding some at TJMaxx, for super cheap!

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The rest of the decorations were pretty easy, once I realized what I had to do, make them! I blew up images of flamingos for the croquet mallets, cheshire cats for the tree, directional arrows for the tree, a photo of the caterpillar on the mushroom (which I taped a dowel onto to stick into the ground), clocks to hang around the yard, and little ‘drink me’ tags to tie onto kool-aid drinks. We had croquet set-up for the kids to play, and used giant playing cards folded over to make the tunnel for the balls to pass through (found at Party City).

For the cake I made the Mad Hatter’s hat.  I also made cut out sugar cookies and frosted them saying; Eat Me, Take One, and Try Me. The party favors were mini Alice In Wonderland books, mints with playing cards on the wrappers, and a tea bag.

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We also had my daughters classroom Grandmother come and do face painting for the afternoon. With her talent, and low cost, we couldn’t pass it up! The kids loved it! There was no shortage of fun had between the face painting, tea party, croquet, musical chairs, and bounce house. We couldn’t have asked for better weather, or more well behaved kids. It was a blast!

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