Essential Oils: For Beauty

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These are a few of the ways I use my essential oils in my daily beauty routine, and a few that I only use on an as-needed-basis.

1 drop of Lavender oil in my mascara. I have been doing this for months and my lashes have never been longer, and rarely clump anymore when I wear mascara.

Joy, Ylang Ylang, and Peace and Calming make the lovliest perfumes. Vetiver and Valor are good ones for men.

10 drops of Cedarwood in a spray bottle, with one pump of conditioner, and 4 oz of water for hair growth. Spray on after bath or shower and comb through hair. I have been doing this religiously at night and my hairline is finally starting to grow back! Highly recommend for after baby hair loss. Make sure to do it at night though because cedarwood makes you sleepy.

8 drops of Lavender and 8 drops of Frankincense right into your daily moisturizer for the skin of your dreams. Frank will diminish wrinkles for the win and lavender will keep your skin hydrated and clear.

1 drop of Vetiver on the back of your neck and on your feet to help with your beauty rest. When you are getting sufficient sleep those bags under your eyes will be smaller and lighter, and your skin will be healthier.

1 drop of Melaleuca as an acne spot treatment. I put this on a zit once and within hours it was clearing up and had shrunk significantly in size.

Diffuse Lemongrass and Marjoram if your face feels puffy and your skin is tight.

These wonderful oils have changed my beauty routine for the better: I love what they have done for my skin specifically.

I stand behind Young Livings essential oils exclusively, as they are pure, therapeutic grade oils, and come from crops that are grown organically and without the use of chemicals. If you want to learn more about how to get started with essential oils, check out my post here, or shoot me an e-mail! I love to talk oils. 



4 -- 2015 (4)

Liam, “Mom you look like that guy from Peter Pan.”

Me, “Which one?”

Liam, “You know the one that is friends with Captain Hook, the one with the fat tummy.”

Me, “Mr. Smee?”

Liam, “Yeah! You look like Mr. Smee because you have a fat tummy too.”

So I did just get done feeding Lucy, my shirt was disheveled and my tummy was probably showing a bit. But still, I know. RUDE. After I removed Liam from our will, I couldn’t stop laughing. I feel like I should have been crying or something but I thought it was hilarious. I don’t know why but this is the first time after having a baby that I am enjoying and embracing my post baby body. Also, turns out the weight just isn’t melting off like every person ever says it will, while nursing. Boo. But really, nursing Lucy is so fulfilling (and time consuming), that I haven’t even thought about how I am going to start losing the weight. There are days when I wish I could just go to the gym because I miss it and how good I felt. Plus I would like to have more options when I am getting dressed in the morning. Right now 80% of my clothes don’t fit, and another 10% aren’t nursing friendly so that’s super fun. Honestly though, there truly are so many more days that my weight doesn’t even cross my mind. I feel like a super woman just because I can nurse a baby, finally! (I couldn’t nurse with my boys and had to pump the whole time.) I am continually amazed at the way God created my body to nourish another little being. When Lucy is hungry, my body just knows and is ready. I make just the right amount of milk to feed her. And all she needs to grow, and to be healthy, is ME. How incredible is that? When you start to look at your body this way, the extra chunk and stretch marks don’t seem to bother you as much. It probably helps that I am constantly on the go, so I don’t look in the mirror much. Some days I go to pick up the boys from school and I don’t realize until I get home, that I had crusted banana in my hair.

Anyway…I was going somewhere with this…oh right, Mr. Smee. There is a reason we have been watching lots of classic Disney movies. We decided to start planning a trip to Disney. All of the Home Alone-hands-slapped-on-cheeks-AHHHHHH-emojis. I mean I am beyond excited, but literally I thought, I’ll just go online, pick a place to stay, buy our tickets and we will just “go to Disney.” Guys, I am a huge dummy. Who knew there was so much that went into it? Not I. I have been planning and researching for about a month now and it turns out I am still feeling clueless. The good thing is there are a lot of Disney die-hards that know every single thing there is to know about planning a Disney trip, and they write great blogs to help a newbie out.

The other good news is that I made a special trip to Target just to get a pretty binder to organize all my Disney stuff, and I am started multiple spreadsheets comparing all of our options (nerds unite!). Plus we finally booked a place to stay this week, which feels like a huge victory in itself because we were hamming and hawing about a few different places. It was so hard to make a decision. It turns out when you have a “large” family, the options are limited and a lot more expensive. Who woulda thought?

So now its onto other important decisions like, is it worth it to do the Disney dining plan? What rides do we fast pass? What resturants do we want to book? What in the world is a magic band? What characters do we want to meet? Do we want to pay extra to get park hopper passes? Because these are things we have to decide months before we go apparently or we won’t get to do everything we want to do. Crazy. I just started digging in to the dining options and I think this will be the hardest part, because obviously that’s the part I am most excited for. So much good food I can hardly wait!

There just seems to be this pressure when you plan a trip to Disney…I didn’t even know it existed until I started doing my research. But you just want everything to be perfect. And believe me, I totally know that I shouldn’t expect a perfect trip when we go…but if we are spending this kind of moola, I want it to be pretty darn close! I’m sure that pressure definitely does not come from all the Disney movies that always end happily ever…nope…for sure not.

From what I have read, the more planned out your days are, the better. That I can work with. Planning is my love language. We have been saving all our extra change and dolla bills for a while now, as a family, and I think we almost have enough for one person to get into Disney, for one day. LOLS. But seriously, the kids have been asking about Disney for a looonnng time, and instead of just biting the bullet and paying for a trip, we really wanted them to understand how expensive it is to go on a trip like this. Kind of of like the $3000 smart TV that broke on NYE from a swift Wii remote to the screen, that will not be getting replaced for a LOOONNGGG time.

Anyway, if you have any Disney advice I want to hear from you! I want all the deets. Also any monies you want to send my way. Also, wine.

Hope you all have a great week, stay warm!


seven // twenty fifteen

7 -- twenty fifteen (1) 7 -- twenty fifteen (3) 7 -- twenty fifteen (4) 7 -- twenty fifteen (5)

1.  These 2 have been on a classic cartoon kick lately. Tom and Jerry is a favorite.

2. Crosby’s best friend and potty buddy in the freezing temps.

3. Always doing an art project, this one. Always finding scraps of paper and scissors all over the house.

4. Getting 4 teeth at one time….this week has been a doozy.


six // twenty fifteen

6-- 2015 (2) 6-- 2015 (3) 6-- 2015 (4) 6-- 20156-- 2015 (1)

1. Zelda mask that has been fought over all week.
2. Liam could watch someone else play the ds all day long.
3. Not many things are greater than Liam’s giggle.
4.”I want to play with Crosby!”


Essential Oils: Theraputic grade vs. Synthetic

Y’all know there are skeptics out there that will say essential oils are not safe to ingest or use at all…but before you roll your eyes at them, they do have some credibility. Not all oils are safe. It’s a true statement.  There is a reason that I put “I stand behind Young Living’s essential oils exclusivley” in every one of my posts…and now I am going to tell you why.

grades of essential oils

There are 4 grades of essential oils that I am going to talk about, and you can only reap the health benefits from pure, Grade A, therapeutic grade oils.

First let’s talk about what it means to be a therapeutic grade oil.

Every oil you can purchase from Young Living, is therapeutic grade. What this means is that the oils are highly concentrated and have life-enhancing properties. Therapeutic grade oils are easily evaporated at room temperature, and come from plants grown all over the world. And to all of those who think essential oils are just a “trend”, I hear you, they do seem super trendy right now, but essential oils have been revered for centuries for their restorative properties to the body, mind, and spirit. I mean baby Jesus got gifts of frankincense and myrrh and that was like forever ago right?! So the trend argument really does not work with me. Honestly it’s exciting that essential oils are trending right now because it’s waking people up about exploring natural, safe alternatives to heal their bodies, instead of constantly relying on medications. Every drop of therapeutic grade oils contain hundreds of organic particles and and other natural elements, and because they are so pure,  a couple drops on your skin is enough to penetrate and get into your bloodstream.

There are 4 grades of essential oils

Grade A : pure, therapeutic quality, made from organically grown plants, distilled at the correct temperature, time, and pressure, and harvested at the right season.

Grade B: food grade, contain synthetics, pesticides, fertilizers, extenders, and carrier oils.

Grade C: perfume grade, contains the same type of adulterating chemicals as food grade oils. Contain solvents which are used to gain a higher yield of oil per harvest.

Floral Water : a byproduct of the distillation process and can be very high quality only if it comes from a Grade A distillation process.

So how do you know what grade of oil you are buying? This is where it gets tricky. Of course perfume grade oils are not going to advertise themselves as being cheap oils with dangerous filers in them so you have to do your research. They will say something alarming on the label that should be a red flag. The label will say something like, “not safe to ingest” and then you know that it is not pure or therapeutic grade. Also, do not be fooled by bottles that say “pure” on them. This means nothing as only about 5% of the oil has to be pure for them to print the word pure on the bottle.

So what I am trying to say is… if you think you can go on Amazon and purchase lavender for super cheap because you don’t want to invest in Young Living, you are misinformed. If you purchase a bottle of lavender essential oil that costs 5$ I can GUARANTEE you it is not pure, therapeutic grade. There is no possible way. What you are buying is a synthetic, fragrance oil that is merely a duplication of the “signature” aroma of a pure botanical. Basically a chemical made in a lab, that is designed to mimic the smell of the plant it comes from. Unfortunately the complex chemical components of the oil are missing in synthetic oils, and not only will this oil be damaging to use on your body, you will not reap any health benefits from it. It’s smarter to just buy the lavender that you know is pure (for 23.50$ with your distributor discount!), instead of literally spending money to damage your health.

Another thing to know about purchasing, even Young Living, oils on Amazon, is that they could have been tampered with. Meaning someone could have bought them and diluted them with carrier oils, and sealed them back up to sell to you for a profit. Seriously. People be cray.

This article from a chemist, really explains a lot about why our family chose to buy only from Young Living. I really encourage you to give it a read!