eleven // twenty fifteen

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1. oh Cille do. You took 3 steps this week and worked hard on poking 3 more teeth through your little gums.
2. memory boxing this forever. This is how you take 4 kids to weekend sporting events. I love that she still falls asleep in the wrap.
3. cheesin’ soccer star.
4. roughing it for a night in the tee-pee.
5. boys and their pup.
6. patient grocery store shoppers while we check out.


Essential oils: Starter kit oil uses {free printable}

I have a handy dandy free printable chart that will help you use your oils to really enhance your life in a safe natural way. I have personally used all of these oils many times to combat most of the ailments listed. This is such a helpful reference to have around and a great tool to help you if you are just beginning to get into oils. All of the oils featured in this chart can be found in the premium starter kit. If you are like me, once I got my starter kit, I felt very overwhelmed and clueless on what to do with my oils. I wish I had something like this to help me out! Remember there are 4 different ways you can use the oils, depending on the ailment and the severity:  you can learn those here.


Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 5.23.20 PM

Just click on the image, right click it to save, print it, hang in your oily storage space, and go save the world with oils friends.


ten // twenty fifteen

For those of you just starting to follow along…I have challenged myself to post pictures weekly for the entire year of the kids and our weekly happenings. Honestly can’t believe I have made it to week 10. hashtag self confidence

10--2015 (3)10--2015 (2)

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10--2015 (5)

1. It was 67 degrees here the other day. 67 DEGREES. Last week there were mornings that were below zero so….thanks Wisconsin. White tulips forever.

2. Almost all of the Holzmann boys playing a game of catch.

3. Crafting with my boys.

4. Ralph and I snuck out for a few hours with some great friends, alone, WHAT? Very much needed, we had a great time letting loose.

5. And a dirty Lucille who just found her first sucker and opened it all on her own. I decided to reward her hard work by letting her suck on it for a bit in her highchair. That is until she dropped it and Crosby polished it off.


Essential Oil Workshop

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 9.56.36 AM

A few of my oily friends and I are hosting this awesome event. If you have been waiting for the push to get started with essential oils, here it is! Be sure to RSVP as spots are limited and they are actually filling up very fast!


nine // twenty fifteen

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1.& 3. Lucy is having the best week ever.
2. Remy as a nerdy Link.
4. Cousin play date.