Corn chowder with quinoa

corn chowder with quinoa (1)

It’s getting to be that time. You know that cool breeze time. That crisp air and a football game time. That time when the leaves start to fall and rustle around in the wind. That time that calls for savory soups to be prepared in the kitchen, so that the cool breeze coming from the slightly cracked window brushes over the pot just right. There is just something about cooking homey meals in the fall. I love that time. corn chowder with quinoa (3)

This chowder will do just fine for that glorious time. Oh yes it will. Creamy and savory with a load of protein to keep you satisfied. The only thing better than a good creamy soup is buttery, cheesy, biscuits to dip in the soup, am I right? These perfect parmesan biscuits will have your mouth watering, especially paired with this chowder. They are the easiest to make, I swear you can’t mess them up even if you tried.

  1. In a large pot on medium heat, whisk together water and soup mixes.
  2. Add milk and quinoa (uncooked) to the pot.
  3. Turn heat to high until quinoa is fully cooked, then down to low heat.
  4. Fry ground beef, drain, and add to pot.
  5. Season soup with salt and pepper or any other desired seasonings.
  6. Cover and let it cook on low heat for about an hour.
  7. Add more milk or water if you need to.
  8. Serve warm with parmesan biscuits.

corn chowder with quinoa (2) corn chowder with quinoa

Wishing you an easy transition into the craziness of a new school year!