Crock pot loaded baked potato soup


  • 5 lbs russet potatoes, diced, NOT peeled
  • 5 tablespoons TS garlic garlic
  • 1 large yellow onion, chopped
  • 64 ounces chicken broth or stock
  • 16 ounces cream cheese
  • bacon, sour cream, chives or shredded cheese for garnish
  1. Combine potatoes, garlic garlic, onions and chicken broth in your crock pot.
  2. Cook on low for 8 hours, or on high for 5 hours.
  3. Purée soup in food processor with cream cheese.
  4. Serve warm topped with bacon, sour cream, shredded cheese & chives.
This makes A LOT of soup. You may want to half it and you would still have plenty for 6 people. Also make sure to use a large crock pot if you are going to make the full recipe.


FINALLY a loaded baked potato soup recipe with NO heavy cream (except the cream cheese, but I used organic so I like to think that is a little better? no?) and even better, you can make in in the crock pot! I have to say this is the best recipe I have tried for loaded baked potato soup, and I have tried many. This recipe made enough for my family of 5 and two freezer meals for later. Keep in mind this makes a lot of soup! My advice is to half the recipe and you will still have plenty for 6 people.

Don’t forget all your favorite baked potato toppings that make this soup divine.

loadedbakedpotatosoup (1)

loadedbakedpotatosoup (2)


  • Maxsmom33

    i tried this and it turned out HORRIBLE!  followed the recipe exactly…. :(

    • hannahholzmann

      Hmm that’s strange. What was horrible about it?! The taste? Consistency? I’m sorry it didn’t work out :(

  • Amanda Maassen

    i often substitute greek yogurt for sour cream or mayonaise in recipes .  Any chance what substituting greek yogurt for cream cheese might be like? 

    • Hannahholzmann

      hmmm. I am not sure! worth a try though! I would just be afraid the soup would be too sour without the cream cheese. 

  • Encharter Insurance

    Delicious recipe, came across this on Pinterest and just had to make it our featured recipe of the week!

  • No

    do you think you could make it with greek yogurt instead of the sour cream? I plan to try it that way.

    • hannahholzmann

      I would be curious to know how that turns out! let me know!

    • jason

      Greek yogurt will chemically react with the garlic garlic and it could explode

  • Adwwheeler

    where do you get Garlic garlic? does walmart carry it or do other seasoning brands carry it?

  • linda wilson

    easy to make and delicious to eat!

  • Runtie0314

    Can I use something else besides the garlic garlic?

    • hannahholzmann

      Yes, you could use fresh minced garlic. 1 teaspoon of Garlic Garlic equals 1 medium clove of fresh garlic. Or you could try garlic salt although I’m not sure it would taste the same. I would suggest trying fresh.

      • Penny

         That would equal 15 medium cloves of garlic then?  It says 5 TBS of the garlic garlic…

        • hannahholzmann

          I would use about 10 cloves of garlic. When you use fresh garlic it seems to be a little more overpowering than the TS garlic garlic.

          • Penny

            Thanks, Hannah! I love garlic, but my spouse doesn’t — he has a rather boring palette. I usually end up having to half the amount of spice used. I will try it and see! :)

  • Emily

     When you say it made enough for your family of five plus two freezer meals do you mean it made 7 total servings or that it made enough to serve your family of five three times?

    • hannahholzmann

      I meant it made enough to feed my family 3 times. Again I doubled the recipe.

  • Sarah D

    This was really good, but I’m curious why the recipe suggests not to peel the potatoes? 

    • hannahholzmann

      well the skins are the most nutritious part of a potato and they give it more flavor and texture.

  • Namtro91

     potatos/onions cooked in water, after almost done add little milk and celery seed…then added a block of melted velvetta cheese…top with scallions and bacon. very good

  • Aurelia

    Even if it is summer and warm outside I would love to have some of this soup right now. The picture looks very delicious!

  • Karie McKean

    This looks amazing! I am ready to go dig up my potatoes right now! LOL! 

  • Laurieannbolden

    Made this tonight and it was delish!!!!

  • Missconjeannieality

    Has anyone tried subbing the Greek yogurt yet? I’m extremely curious..

    • hannahholzmann

      I am really curious too!! Let us know if anyone tries it!

    • jatas

      i use it in tacos and in pasta salad.. I would use it without a concern about the taste difference

    • N.

      Yogurt is great for baking, or swapping for mayo, sour cream, etc. But when you try to heat it for a sauce, it kind of disintegrates or something and is no longer that creamy product you were going for. I see this was a year ago, so now I’m curious what happened when it was added to soup? Kablooey like my pasta sauce, or great like my cake? :)

  • Katie

    I made this tonight for dinner and it was a big hit! I used fresh garlic since I didn’t have any of the TS garlic garlic, but I did everything else the same. I have four boys, though, so after they each had 2-3 helpings I think I might have enough leftover for lunch tomorrow. Thanks for the great recipe!

    • hannahholzmann

      awesome! I am so glad you liked it!

    • Penny

       How much garlic did you use?  I don’t have TS garlic garlic on hand!

  • srh

    what sized crockpot do you have? i have a 3.5 quart, wondering if it would all fit in there, thanks!

    • hannahholzmann

      That is what I used but it was filled to the brim! It worked…but if you have a bigger one I would use that!

    • Penny

      3.5 would do a half recipe, but this filled my 6 quart!

    • sherri mc

      the broth amount alone is a gallon, so, no a 3.5 quart won’t hold it. There are four quarts to a gallon.

      • Melissa

        64 ounces is .5 gallon, still it’s a big recipe!

    • jason

      You could make it in 35 coffee cups, just cook it in the microwave.

  • Lovefood

    Better without onions, good with carrots tho!

  • AVo

    Thank you for this recipe! My whole family loves it, and with five kids that says a lot! I’ve made it several times now, and I can’t suggest a solitary thing to make it any better. It’s perfect as is.
    Tonight I made a big batch and decided to use half of it for shrimp chowder. After it was completely cooked, I put half in a pot on the stove, added a can of drained corn and a handful of slightly chopped, cooked shrimp. Yummo! I imagine you could add cooked chicken, corn, and broccoli with good results as well. The possibilities are endless. :)

    • hannahholzmann

      aww I am so glad! good ideas!!!

  • Anonymous

    Did anyone try the greek yogurt thing yet??????  I really don’t want to be the one to screw it up, lol, so if someone is brave we want to hear how it works out!! :)

    • Sandi Raehtz

      I’m trying it out right now… I’ll update you when I eat it :)

    • Aim

      Low fat greek yogurt works wonderful. Just plain fat free yogurt works good too!!!

      • LindsayMarie

        Greek Yogurt is a great sub for Sour Cream. It’s not exact, but close enough not to notice!

  • cassie

    the directions are confusing to me. it says to add the first four ingredients to the crock pot, which would be the potatoes , garlic, onion, and chicken broth, for 5 or 8 hours. the next step says to puree the soup (i’m assuming chicken broth) in a food processor with the cream cheese. does that mean i need to scoop the warm broth out of the crock pot to puree with the cream cheese? or should the cream cheese and broth be pureed and added in at first with the potatoes, garlic, and onion?

    • Amliddell

      You need to purée the whole mixture (broth with potatoes, onion and garlic) with cream cheese.

  • hannahholzmann

    Yes, you take the warm soup out of the crockpot and then puree with the cream cheese. Sorry for the confusion!

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  • Penny

    I made this yesterday, minus the TS garlic garlic. In its place I used 5 cloves of garlic (my hubby is not super fond of garlic — thanks for the adjusted amount of garlic, Hannah!). I also added a tsp of salt. It was simply, delicious. There’s one change I will make next time — I will either peel half the potatoes or chop the potatoes up much smaller. My potato chunks were more cubed and not diced as the recipe states, something I overlooked. No one complained about the skins, mind you — there were no complaints at all! Just requests for more and for the recipe! But aesthetically, make sure you dice the potatoes as stated in the recipe!

    • hannahholzmann

      So glad you enjoyed it! That’s great to hear!!

  • danielle

    This looks so yummy. I am including it in my meal plan this week on Blissful and Domestic. Stop by and check it out tomorrow:>

    Danielle @ Blissful and Domestic

    • hannahholzmann

      How fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

  • teramarie520

    I made this today, and used garlic salt instead of the garlic garlic, didn’t measure just went by my eye, lol and it is amazing, wasn’t able to puree it so i used my whisk while it was n the crock pot left it chunky, and it was awesome! Next time I will prolly peel the potatoes too many skins since i cant puree

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  • DM

    Silly question, but if i half the recipe, do i half the cooking time?

    • hannahholzmann

      nope :) you shouldn’t have to….maybe slightly less time but definitely not half the time.

  • Nicky Gaffney Spaulding

    Question: I don’t have a food processor. Will my mixer be good enough?

    • hannahholzmann

      Do you have a blender? That would be perfect!

    • jason

      It has to be a food processor. A blender will explode from the potato fumes

  • Angel

    Just made it today! I would suggest adding seasoning salt and pepper though because without it the soup was a bit bland. I also put cheese and bacon in after blending and added extra potatoes to make it chunkier. SUPER delish! =D

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  • David

    No heavy cream? It has a pound of cream cheese!

    • hannahholzmann

      True! It seems hard to find a recipe for loaded baked potato soup without the heavy cream though…..I use organic cream cheese so I like to think that isn’t so bad! :)

    • Marri

      I’ve never used a cream in my loaded baked potato soup. I start with a roux, add milk, potatoes, and some cheese, then add green onions, chopped bacon, sour cream at the end and top with chives when served. I’ve used full fat milk and skim milk with success. The whole secret is starting out with a roux.

    • Lisa Stecher

      I used 1 brick of cream cheese (8oz) and just a little less liquid. It was still pretty thin, so I added some instant mashed potato flakes. Fixed it right up, and only half the fat of the cream cheese.

  • Larissa

    how many people does this recipe feed?

    • Lisa Brislane

      About 786. lol Seriously, I used my 6 quart crock pot and it filled it to the brim. It freezes really well, though, as long as you wait to add the toppings until you reheat it.

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  • Sandi Raehtz

    I had to make a half batch because it’s just me and I don’t eat that much…
    But I DID use the greek yogurt (Chobani plain, non-fat) and it was delicious! Since I haven’t made it before I wasn’t sure what taking out all the cream cheese would do, so I added half the amount of cream cheese (4oz… remember I halved the whole thing as well!) and added 2 large dollops of greek yogurt (probably a little less than half a cup). I wasn’t paying attention and put all the ingredients in at the beginning instead of adding the cheese and yogurt to the end. I was worried about curdling, but it turned out just fine after I blended it. I also added a bit of cayenne pepper for a slight kick and was NOT disappointed :)
    Next time I will use all greek yogurt and if no one has done that yet, I’ll let you know how it goes (though I think if you add shredded cheese at the end, you won’t be missing out on any of the cheese flavor!)

  • Steph R

    No heavy cream? Cream cheese is more fattening than heavy cream! Lol, so long as it’s yummy I’m good with that!

    • hannahholzmann

      LOL! Every other recipe has both in it though. It tastes amazing though and I use organic cream cheese…not sure if that makes it any better! haha

    • Lisa Brislane

      I use neufatchel (sp) cheese and only 8oz, so it’s not that bad. Still comes out just as yummy. I reduce the liquid to about 6 3/4 cups to accommodate the lack of thickening agent.

  • Bryan Ogborn

    I made this today. Found the recipe on Pinterest. I modified it a little bit. Didn’t puree everything because we like our Tater Soup chunky. And I only used about 3 lbs of potatoes. And I used the store brand garlic powder from a certain big blue box store. Gonna have grilled cheese with it and maybe take some to Mom and Dad if it’s good. Film at 11.

  • Cookie McDowell

    Has anyone tried freezing this soup? I am wondering if it “breaks down” when thawed and reheated.

    • jason

      Don’t freeeze it, it could explode

  • anonymous

    i peeled the potatoes.

  • Guest

    I used a tbl of garlic powder and a tbl

  • Holly Jay Chartrand

    Really want to try this, but I’m not a fan of onion. would it be ok to just use 1/4 of the onion instead???

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  • jchopp

    Can you prep this the night before?

    • jason

      No, you have to get up early and put it together. If you do it the night before it could explode.

      • Ginger

        Jason, your comments are cracking me up. I think I might explode.

      • Betsey

        Seriously, dieing. hahaha!

      • Stacy

        I don’t think I’ve ever laughed out loud while reading comments from a food recipe. Thanks Jason, my fears of exploding anything I cook just got greater with your instructions. Making this tomorrow. Here’s hoping my kitchen stays intact.

  • Lynn Meakim

    Made this for dinner tonight and it was fantastic! I halved the recipe because I didn’t have enough potatoes, but it still made plenty! The only changes I made were to use a mixture of onion, celery and carrots that I already had chopped and frozen especially for soups and to use a little of TS bacon bacon in addition to the garlic garlic (that way, I didn’t have to fry any bacon and we still had the flavor). My son declared it a 4.75 nom nom out of 5!! This will definitely become a regular in my soup rotation!

  • Traci

    Can u use new potatoes instead by chance?

    • pat

      No, if you use new potatoes it could explode.

  • Anonymous

    Has anyone tried to add cream cheese in crock pot and just puree with hand blender in the crock pot? Seems it would be easier and cut down on some washing.

    • InTheCity

      Yep, I did this method today. I used 3.5 tables spoons garlic salt and 1.5 garlic powder to sub for the TS stuff and it came out pretty salt. I’ll cut down next time.

      • InTheCity

        I peeled half just for good measure and that worked well too for those of you who aren’t interested in a lot of skin. Also, I ended up adding some mashed zucchini into half the batch because I had some that was about to go to waste and hoped it would cut my over salting a little. It worked.

  • Courtney Milleson

    I blogged about the VIRAL FOOD quality of this delicious soup today on my blog:

    It earned five pins! :)

  • Nancy Mink DeWitt

    What an awesome new soup recipe, now I have another great use for my Tastefully Simple Garlic Garlic! I love all the herbs in it too, I’m making it next week since the weather is finally cooling down in So Ca! Thanks

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  • Casey

    I used half of everything and it was still a ridiculous amount of food for four of us.

    • hannahholzmann

      It freezes really well!

  • Meredith Fleming

    I have a submersion blender and used it to blend cream cheese and slightly-puree the potatoes right in the Crockpot. That way I was able to switch it to warm and let it sit until dinnertime.

    • hannahholzmann

      that is a great idea! I need to get one of those!

  • Erica

    For the people that cut the recipe in half what were your exact measurements/ingredients?

    • jason

      If you want to cut the recipe in half, use 1/4 of everything.

      • Betsey

        You are killing me! Wont the fumes from quartering it cause an explosion?

  • Lisa

    If you don’t have a blender or food processor, try an immersion blender. If you don’t mind a chunkier soup, you could always use a potato masher to break up the big chunks and finish it off with an electric beater if you have one of those.

  • TMadson

    I made this today, and by far this is the easiest and most delicious potato soup I’ve ever made! I didn’t have the garlic garlic, so I just used 5 TBS of garlic powder. I wasn’t going to use my food processor, but I’m glad I did- the consistency was perfect. I will be using only this recipe from now on! Thanks for sharing!

  • Anonymous

    This soup was good but lacked something I can’t put my finger on. I peeled my potatoes and it turned out more like a chowder then a soup. After the leftovers cooled it got thick so I think when it’s reheated I will have to add milk to dilute it. Overall good, but I think I will try something different next time.

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  • eyeleanp

    SOOOOO YUMMY!! Just came home to my crockpot ready to blend. I used my immersion blender and it was smooth as silk. I didn’t have the garlic garlic so I used 2 tbls of garlic salt and one of garlic powder. I haven’t even put it in a bowl yet w/the bacon and toppings but I know that’s going to put it over the top! Thanks for sharing!

  • Shannon

    The recipe sounds good but I don’t consider dropping heavy cream a win if you’re substituting it with 2 blocks of cream cheese. I’d rather get my saturated fat from milk.

  • Niesha Richardson

    This looks delicious! I’m making it for dinner tonight. Thank you!

  • Mom of 1/2 dozen

    Great soup i used garlic powder and i peeled the potatoes it turned out Great!!!

  • dawn

    Can I put the cream cheese in the crockpot when the soups done n puree it w a hand mixer!?

    • hannahholzmann

      yeah I am sure that would work. might be a little messy?

    • JennyDonohue

      Yes…I have done this many times! :)

  • Jessica

    Try garlic salt with parsley, along with a couple cloves of garlic ….also I added pepper.. YUMMY

  • Sherry

    This soup was really good. I will diffently make it again :)

  • Betty

    I wanted to like this as I am always on the hunt for an amazing potato soup, but sadly it was not for me. Maybe I am not a fan of that much cream cheese. IDK…

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  • Sstkatie2

    Can u make this with chopped garlic instead of garlic garlic?

    • Lisa Brislane

      Yes, I use about 4 diced garlic cloves and it comes out just fine. We like a lot of garlic, though. My sister used 4 and complained it was too much, so she uses 2 cloves.

  • Melissa

    We made this one evening when we were in a hurry so instead of the crock pot we used a pot on the stove, we microwaved the potatoes, cooled them and peeled and put in soup , we had to cut the onion back to 1/2 it was just too much for us, then we softened the cream cheese and just added it to the pot and it turned out delicious so if your in a hurry or don’t want to blend it in the blender this way works great!

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  • JennyDonohue

    I have made this recipe once a week for the past five or six weeks, and I have been doubling the batch lately so I can take some to my mom and some to grandpa. It’s a huge hit! I add bacon pieces to the broth when cooking and it adds extra flavor to the soup…thank you so much for sharing! :)

    • Lisa Stecher

      Do you cook the bacon first, or add it in raw? I would LOVE to do this, but am worried that adding cooked bacon for this amount of time would turn it into little pieces of slime.

      • Kristie

        You crumble the cooked bacon on top AFTER your done cooking.

      • Maryssa

        i fried mine like normal, put it on some paper towels to soak up the grease, chopped it up and put it in at the same time as the cream cheese! it got a little softer but not mushy like you would expect.. and it was delicious!

  • Happygal

    Just made a batch and it was a hit…with the kids, too! I used 1/2 garlic powder and 1/2 garlic salt since I didn’t have the TS garlic garlic. Added cream cheese & black pepper to crock pot and used immersion blender to mix it all up for a couple minutes. So creamy and tasty! Note – I peeled half of the potatoes because I was worried there’d be too many chunks – there were hardly any once I mixed it up so next batch will be full-skinned. Great, simple recipe!

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  • Bett

    Wow! I made it for later in the week. We had to try it! So gooooood! I used tofu tui cream cheese because I can’t have regular. Bacon bits and a pinch of cheddar on top when I served it! So good, it will definitely be requested again. And easy!!

  • Alyssa

    My boyfriend and I love this recipe and finally got our own crockpot to make this in properly. Only problem is that it’s only a quart and a half. How much more will we need to cut back the recipe to work for two people in that size crock pot?

  • Sierra Dawn

    amazing!! i halfed it and added the cream cheese at 7 hours, turned out fabulous!

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  • Hollis79

    What about fat free cream cheese?

  • Stephanie B

    I made this with garlic powder and seasoned well with salt and pepper. Blended with an immersion blender in the crockpot. Made a ton! Super easy and oh so,tasty. Thanks for the recipe!

    • hannahholzmann

      awesome!! thanks for stopping by!

  • Gail

    Wow, made this soup last week and will make again soon. I will buy a emulsifier or bigger food processor for next time. I used 2 tblsp of garlic salt instead of garlic garlic. Tried using hand mixer and that was not good enough for me.

  • Jessica Buch

    I don’t have Garlic Garlic seasoning…any suggestions for substitutions? I just put mine in the crock pot and I used 4T vegetable seasoning (salt, minced onion, mixed spices, garlic) , 1 T onion powder, and 1T freeze dried green onion. Hopefully it turns out good!

  • Deanna Ritz

    Hi, I made your recipe tonight and it was SO good. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    • hannahholzmann

      You are SO welcome! I am so glad you enjoyed!

  • Lynne McRae Dixon

    Making this soup, my daughter yells how bad puree is and just thinks it is gross. She tasted it and said, “It is great, I just want watch you make it again!!!” Fabulous!

    • hannahholzmann


  • Nadine Bates

    I dont have a hand mixer or a food processor & didnt want to put it in the blender, so i used a regular wisk & it worked great! :)

    • hannahholzmann

      glad to hear!

  • mgmama

    When you freeze the leftovers, do the potatoes turn a funky color or does it come out alright?

  • L

    Just made this recipe. It is awesome!!! Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Jennifer Ellis

    I made a half batch and used half a tablespoon each of garlic powder and garlic salt and it was awesome! I used the 1/3 less fat cream cheese and each serving was less than 350 calories. <3 I didn't have a very big food processor so I did batches in the blender and left some chunks. I'm not a big peel fan but I didn't feel there was a excessive amount, especially after it was blended.

  • Euromonica

    Making this right now for my family. Thank you!

  • jess

    Would using an electric beater work instead of puree/submersible blender?

  • Jessica Reel

    This looks amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  • Christine

    I am trying it now with ham chunks I hope it turns out my soon to be mother-in -law is coming over. I’ll let you know

  • Kim Fernando

    My husband and I loved this recipe! He asked me to peel the potatoes and only use 1 packet of cream cheese (I can imagine how amazing this would be with 2 packets + extra cream cheese!!!) but it still turned out delicious. Thanks for sharing! :)

  • Ang

    Very good!!

  • Tinkster

    Found this on Pinterest and made it tonight and it was awesome. My husband loves potato soup but I’m not usually a fan but it was amazing!!

  • kate

    I used a new brand of cream cheese that is actually made from greek yogurt! It tastes exactly the same as regular, but cuts down fat and calories!

    • hannahholzmann

      Oh my! Where did you find that, or what brand is it? I would love to try that!!!

  • Sarah Moran

    I halved the recipe, and didn’t have any onion! but it still came out fine, and I used greek yogurt instead of sour cream and it came out delicious. I also added a few pieces of bacon while the potatoes were cooking.

  • Mary Weiss O’Donnell

    Seriously the best potato soup I’ve ever made. I used my own chicken stock which I think is 100% better than store bought.

  • shell

    do you have to puree it? wouldn’t the potatoes be soft enough to eat if you cut them small enough?

  • mel

    Do you let the broth and potatoes cook for 6 hours before adding the cream cheese?

  • amorris899

    Do u think i could use this recipe but just put it on the stove? Maybe boil the potatoes in the chicken broth and when 3/4 of the way cooked and blend potatoes, etc, etc.