Fall craft ideas

Our weekend was jam packed full of fun wedding activities as two of our best friends tied the knot. Therefore I didn’t do any cooking this weekend. Kind of a nice break! So I wanted to share some of the fall crafts we have been working on so far this year!

We love to do art projects in this house and fall brings some really fun ideas for us to try. These super cute Q-tip art trees were found originally here. Just dip Q-tips in different fall colors and stamp for leaves.

Help your child cut out a body shape on white construction paper and glue pieces of Kleenex on and some eyes for a mummy.

Cut out pieces of construction paper as as tree trunks and leaves and glue them on.

This one was so fun to make! Take a toilet paper roll and glue orange construction paper strips around it. Cut a bunch of orange construction paper into strips with the paper the long way.Then glue one end of a strip inside the top of the roll and the other end inside the bottom of the roll. Keep adding more until it starts to look like a pumpkin. Then glue on a stem and leaf. Original idea here.

Family Fun magazine’s “swab skeletons”! Glue Q-tips and cotton swabs together to make a spooky skeleton, then glue on black paper for a face. Jack (my 4 year old) thought this was so cool. Afterwards we practiced writing the alphabet with the Q-tips!

Let your kids paint a canvas. (we used puffy paint before we painted to make the squiggly border). Sprinkle with glitter, let dry. Go on a leaf hunt around your yard! Mod podge the leaves onto the canvas. Easy fall decor that you can bring out every year and kids love making things with leaves they found themselves!

Paint a pre-made wood sign, then mod podge leaves and scrapbook paper onto it. Paint wooden letters and sprinkle with glitter. Hot glue on the sign when completely dry. Matches my fall wreath perfectly!

These awesome centerpieces are made by one of my good friends Emily. She has been making them with her kids for years. Throw together some fall-ish looking twigs in a vase and have your kids write on leaves all the things they are thankful for. Throw some mini-pumpkins in the bottom and ta da! Beautiful, meaningful, cheap centerpiece.

We have lots more time for fall crafts so this is just the beginning! Stay tuned for more!

Three fall books I highly recommend buying:

  • Where the Wild Things are by: Maurice Sendak 
  • Please Try to Remember the First of Octember by: Dr. Seuss, Theo. LeSieg
  • The Tale of Three Trees by: Angela Elwell Hunt, Tim Jonke

Here are some of our other favorite fall-ish stories.

Thanks for reading!