How-to- grow your own Easter grass

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Last year we stared the super fun tradition of growing our own Easter basket grass. So thankful I don’t have to deal with all that fake, plastic, non-sense Easter grass anymore and the kids really enjoy planting their seeds and watching the grass grow. It always amazes me how fast we can get the grass to grow for our Easter baskets but can’t for the life of us get grass to grow outside in our yard all summer.

Easter grass (3)

All you need is:

  • plastic, round, planters. You need to make sure they will fit in your Easter baskets before planting the grass.
  • quick lawn grass seed (you have to get the kind with “quick” labeled on the bag) ((here is a good one
  • potting soil with miracle grow
  • water
  • a spot that gets lot of sunlight



Sprinkle a layer of grass seed on the bottom of the planter. Cover with dirt. Sprinkle another later on the top. * be generous with your seeds. Keep planter in a spot right in front of a window and water daily. In about 2-3 days you should see a couple blades of grass sprouting up. By day 5 you should have a mound of grass. It will get really long and will kind of grow sporadically at first, but just give it a little trim with scissors every couple days and it will even out. Place the planter in your Easter basket and enjoy!

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