JS Conf 2013

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This past week Ralph and I were in Amelia Island, Florida for JS Conf. But before I talk about the trip lets back track to December when Ralph booked the trip. As soon as Ralph found out the location of the conference, he was like, you should totally come with me, its beautiful! And if you know me well enough, you know I immediately was like NO WAY I will NEVER leave the children, not in a million years, how could you ever ask me to do such a thing, are you crazy?! It went something like that but I did think it through quite a bit and came to the conclusion that I couldn’t imagine leaving the kids behind for 5 days, (I have never even left them over night) and for whatever reason I was really nervous to fly. I knew Ralph was a little hurt that I didn’t want to go with him, because after all these years of him traveling to conferences I have only gone to 1 with him, and that time we brought the kids along.

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After feeling really guilty about it, I decided to buy myself a ticket on his flight (which was a lot harder than you may think) and my plan was to surprise him at the last minute. While he was packing the night before I was going to be like SURPRISE I AM COMING WITH YOU! My mom had already told me that she would be happy to stay at our house with the kids so I had this big surprised planned out perfectly. There was just one problem. I still wasn’t mentally prepared to leave the kids and in the past year my anxiety has been really out of control, especially when it comes to my children. Seeing as I had never left them before, it’s safe to say I had multiple major breakdowns in the few weeks before we left. I almost cancelled my ticket several times, convinced myself I was a terrible mother for leaving, had 2 actual panic attacks thinking about all the prep I would need to do to get ready and a lot of other crazy things. So I ended up telling Ralph about it a couple weeks before hand, I needed some reassurance from him that I wasn’t going to die on an airplane and leave my kids with no mother, and that my kids would be just fine for 5 days without me. His excitement alone was enough for me to feel more confident in my decision. I also owe so much to my incredible friends and family who were all in on this and convinced me to go, without them I would have totally cancelled that plane ticket! So it was a really really long journey getting me to Amelia Island to say the least, but it was hands down one of the best decisions I have ever made.

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I am not sure that I have the words to capture just how amazing this trip was but I will try. Ralph had the actual conference 2 out of 5 days that we were there so I spent those days as follows (with some really incredible friends who were also there with their husbands): wake up, go get breakfast,do yoga in a TREEHOUSE,this was the coolest vinyasa I have ever done btw,

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do a little shopping, sit by the pool, read by the pool,

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order multiple drinks by the pool, order ridiculously delicious, carb-y food for lunch by the pool,

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take a power nap(that sun wears you out you guys!), get cleaned up for dinner, join Ralph for the after party,

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Google glass is pretty sweet…

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then it was back to the resort for some night swimming, night hot tubbing and bonfires on the ocean. Can you imagine a better day? It was such a dream.

On the day Ralph had off he went kayaking, we did some more laying around the pool, went to the beach, collected shells for the kids, and headed to downtown Fernandina Beach for the night.

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Of course I did a little shopping for the boys.


I don’t think I have been this relaxed in years, in fact I know I haven’t, and it felt unbelievably refreshing. But the best part of the trip was the company we shared it with: words can’t explain how truly awesome every single person I met, was. It is nice for me to put faces with all the names of the people Ralph talks about back home all the time. Everyone is hilarious, witty, intimidatingly smart, they all have really cool names (I am the only one that has noticed that?), are impeccably stylish, and overall they are people you want to be around all the time because they are just that friendly and cool. I really loved getting to know all the spouses and definitely formed some great friendships. We bonded over common things like: being able to fall asleep with the glow of a laptop shining in your eyes, trying to compete with the computer for affection ( :) ), not knowing what our husbands are talking about EVER when it comes to JS, a love for all things fashion and home decor, and you know all the other stuff a girls can bond about. Very few of the girls have kids yet, so they really helped me relax and not stress about the kids at all. Which was a lot more helpful than they know because I was worried I may not enjoy myself while I was there. So thank you all for such a wonderful week, and thank you JS Conf for existing even though I know little about JS, thank you mom for taking care of 3 rambunctious boys for 5 days, thank you to my friends Kim and Katie for getting Jack where he needed to be while we were gone, and thanks to every new face I met this past week for being so friendly and fun. Counting down the days until next year.