Lemon blueberry almond muffins & a giveaway!

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I love a great muffin in the morning, don’t you? And these couldn’t be more moist, or eaiser to make. These muffins are made using Tastefully Simple’s Meyer Lemon Infused Oil and since they no longer offer the oil for purchasing, I am giving one lucky reader the chance to win a discontinued bottle!


The oil is great not only for these muffins, but for sautéing shrimp, veggies, and cooking fish. I recently used this for cooking salmon and it was divine.


All you have to do to enter this giveaway is comment on this post telling me what you would use the lemon oil for OR what your favorite breakfast muffin is.

Winner will be chosen at random and announced April 20th.

This giveaway is now closed. 


This muffin recipe also uses Tastefully Simple’s ever so versatile Absolutely Almond Pound Cake Mix, which is my number one selling item! If you are interested in trying the pound cake mix, you can find it here. It is the perfect almondy (but not overpowering) flavor, and it turns out perfect every time.  I have used it for muffins, cakes, cake pops, parfaits, fruit pizzas, and so much more. I always keep this product stocked in my cupboard and like I said, out of all the wonderful products Tastefully Simple has to offer, this is best selling item! Enjoy this easy muffin recipe!

  1. In a large mixing bowl mix together pound cake mix, butter, oil and water.
  2. Fold in blueberries.
  3. Pour into butter greased muffin tins.
  4. Bake at 325 degrees for 20-25 minutes.


The winner of this giveaway is: Theresa. Please e-mail me to claim your prize!



  • Linda Holzmann

    Your muffins look like you brought them home from the bakery! My favorite muffins are pumkin muffins, but I love lemon poppyseed also. I would use the oil on baked fish dinners for sure.

    • hannahholzmann

      Thanks Linda! Ohh love a good moist poppyseed muffin! And you make the best fish ever! Yum!

  • Katie

    My fav muffin is a moist blueberry! As far as the oil, I would ask u how to use it bc u know me!

    • hannahholzmann

      You are too funny! Love a good blueberry muffin!

  • Theresa

    My hubby LOVES every single recipe I make for him from your blog. Literally most picky eater and I can get away with even his most hated veggies! You have such classy, yet delish meals that suite all palette ! Reminds me of my fav restaurant, Fusion! As for the muffins…my hubby has the biggest sweet tooth and LOVE LOVE LOVES muffins AND fresh blueberries! I MUST MAKE THESE FOR HIM!!!

    • hannahholzmann

      You are so sweet! I am so glad! Seriously the biggest compliment ever comparing my recipes to Fusion! Miss that place so much!

  • MaryB

    I would love to use this lemon oil for the dressing in my Tomato, bacon and green bean (or asparagus) salad. It would be perfect! Thanks for offering the chance to win.

    • hannahholzmann

      Oh what a great idea! I hadn’t even thought of that. Good luck!

  • Sarah Filchak

    I would love to try the lemon oil on some grilled salmon or chicken. Yum! And I LOVE the almond cake, will have to try it in muffin form, that sounds so good. Can I purchase Tastefully Simple products online and have them shipped to me? Or do I need to have a consultant…

  • hannahholzmann

    yum! xoxo

  • http://www.facebook.com/lori.hillius Lori Hillius

    Oh what wouldn’t I use this oil for? I love anything and everything lemon! This recipe sounds absolutely divine with the use of the Absolutely Almond Pound Cake which is divine all by itself! I love browsing recipes online and just came across your blog this evening. I’m excited to see what you have here!!

    • hannahholzmann

      Hi Lori! Thanks for visiting! Hope you stay a while! I love browsing recipes online too….I rarely open a cookbook anymore!

  • Ttrockwood

    I would use the oil to sautee kale or for roasted asparagus!