Loaded baked potato crisps

loaded baked potato crisps (1) loaded baked potato crisps (2) I have made these at least twice a week for the entire summer so I thought it was time to quick photograph a batch ,and share them with you. These happened sort of by accident really. One night while I was making supper, I realized I only had 3 potatoes left and my plan was to have baked potatoes on the grill for everyone. I needed a compromise, so I started slicing the potatoes, still unsure of the direction I was heading. Before you know it the olive oil was a-drizzlin’ and the spices were a-shakin’! As a snack food lover at heart I thought, I realllly like chips and chips are made out of potatoes, so let’s see how close I can get to chips! Yahoo!

loaded baked potato crisps (3)

I started out with the oven temp at 350 degrees but soon realized it would need to be at 400 degrees for the potatoes to turn out crispy. Really great story, I know, just riveting. Don’t judge me. Anyway I have been making them ever since with whatever I have on hand for spices and cheeses. You must dip them in sour cream, ketchup, or better yet both because its the best part! You can really leave them in the oven a while longer if you like them real crisp and burnt too. And can we agree that these are sort of “healthy”? Also: the thinner you slice them the crispier and more “chip like” they will turn out.

loaded baked potato crisps (4) loaded baked potato crisps (5)

  1. Drizzle olive oil over a large cookie sheet.
  2. Arrange sliced potatoes on cookie sheet making sure they are only overlapping slightly.
  3. Season with seasoning salt, bacon, and cheese.
  4. Drizzle additional olive oil over the top of the potatoes.
  5. Bake at 400 degrees for 20-35 minutes depending on how crisp you want them.
  6. *optional- broil on low for an additional 5 minutes for extra crispy.

I hope your week is going well!