Preggers compression leggings: Look #1

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This is my first pregnancy that I have retained any water in my legs and ankles. Aren’t you so psyched you know that now!? No but seriously, this totally blows. My legs are in pain every day no matter how long I am on my feet and the swelling is real glorious looking. I can’t even climb the stairs without my legs feeling extremely sore and achy. My midwife said I should try and cut back on my salt intake and I tried not to laugh in her face. Salt is my weakness. I need it. She was right though, every time I eat something salty I pay for it, so I have been trying really hard to cut back a bit. A bit…:)

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The only thing that has helped me are compression tights. I don’t know about you but when I hear the word “compression” in front of tights all I can think of are little old ladies with varicose veins that need special hose. I was so wrong. These things have saved my poor legs! I wear them every single day. They provide serious relief the second I put them on. Compression tights and leggings aren’t just for us preggos either. The compression helps your circulation and is very beneficial to anyone. They aren’t the easiest things to get on because they start out tighter around the ankles, but hopefully you have a helping hand to assist you.

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Preggers by Therafirm has a stylish selection and affordable prices on not only maternity, but women’s compression leggings and tights. I love all their fun colors! I totally plan on wearing them after the baby as well, because they really suck it all in juuusst right. Just one heads up: with these tights and leggings you will need a tunic or outfit that covers your bum as the area around the bum seems to be a bit transparent. Be sure to check back here tomorrow for my 2nd Preggers outfit look, and a giveaway so you can win some tights for yourself! Remember you need not be pregnant! In the meantime check out the Preggers shop (if you are pregnant) or the GoGo shop (if you are not expecting), to see what you could win!

real (2) boys nye (8) Outfit details: Leggings: Preggers ℅ (in black). Boots: Sorel. Dress: J. Crew discontinued (similar here). Top: Gap Maternity (old). Parka: Asos Maternity.


  • Emilyl

    I love reading your blog! I can just hear your voice and personality in my head as I read your posts! Lookin’ good Momma! ;)

    • hannahholzmann

      You are so sweet! I hope my voice comes through in my writing! Thanks dear!!

  • Angela

    When I was pregnant both times going up steps was so painful for me it would literally make me light headed. So I always tell Tyler we need to livr in a ranch style home for when I am pregnant again. i will have to keep compression leggings in mind :)

    • hannahholzmann

      Oh I know the feeling! So terrible. I am telling you compression has saved my legs! They are the only thing that has helped!