Our lovely day {pictures}

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valentines day

{hallelujah…I am finally not too lazy to get my good camera out and hopefully start Friday picture posts again. January I tell ya. I got lost in it and am so thankful for the energy that February has brought}

1. &2. &3.- Morning bath tootsies

4. Valentines handprints

5. The smile I got when I asked him to smile

6.& 7.- The smiles I got when I asked Jack who his valentine was. For the record, it was me–YES please don’t ever leave me or grow up my sweet sweet Jack! (I know I am psycho mom and don’t care one bit.)

8. & 9. & 10.- Ralph makes us yummy steaks (thanks to Sysco & my mother & father in law :) ). Kids eat left overs–pizza, spaghetti, grilled cheese and carrots

11. St Valentine bio and Grandma Ransom’s homemade sugar cookies

12. I call it–Valentines comfy grunge. Also, scary.

13. Papa made chocolate covered strawberries and brought them over today–Thanks dad!

14. Our favorite red, cheap wine after the kids fall fast asleep

A simple day full of love. Jack had his Valentines party at school this morning–we had some friends over in the afternoon- boys napped-and then we had a family night in. Ralphy grilled the best steaks–(don’t give me a steak to cook ever, I will definitely ruin it. No patience.) Couldn’t wish for a better Valentines day spent with those I love the most. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have 4 handsome Valentines.

Hope you all had a fantastically lovely day and an even better weekend.