Twenty Fourteen Faves

Christmas decor (9)

2014 was a year that brought us another beautiful Holzmann baby, and a wonderful new home to call our own, among many other blessings. We have so very much to be thankful for, I mean look at these stinkers that God has blessed us with ^^. Looking forward to making even more marvelous memories in 2015.

Here is a look back at my favorite posts of 2014:

Compression legging giveaway  // because I sort of miss my bump and I still love rocking these tights.

boys nye (9)

Crunchy Thai quinoa salad // the dressing on this can be eaten by the spoonful and you need to add this salad to your “recipes to try in 2015″ list.

red cabbage quiona (1)

Fresh Waldorf salad // because those little glass custard dishes are the cutest ever and this dish has salad in the title, so it’s healthy and stuff.
Waldorf salad (2)

Surprise! // The time two wonderful friends of mine, threw a suprise baby shower for me. I will treasure this night for ever and ever amen.

This rainbow chicken salad because the almond honey mustard dressing is EVERYTHING.

chicken salad with honey dressing

Our room tour and Jack’s room tour from our old house because, *tear, our first home. By the way, I will finish that series someday. I have all of the other rooms of our old home photographed, I just need to get around to posting them.

Add Jacks room


These cherry cheesecake bites from a wine party that I couldn’t drink wine at, so I ate ALL OF THE THINGS.

mini cherry cheesecake bites (2)

Maternity photos because again, that bump! I love these photos because looking back they are very feminine but I had no clue I was having a little baby girl!
flower crown maternity flower crown maternity (9) flower crown maternity (8)

And obvioulsy baby Lucille announcement! The biggest surprise and best moment of 2014 by far.


Getting started with essential oils // because I’ve said it a million times, and I’ll say it a million more I’m certain of it; these oils have changed our life. Everywhere I go I am telling people about them, and I find great joy in seeing people use them to improve their health and lives. More oily posts to come in 2015 , fair warning.

essential oils (1)

Finally, Lucille’s room tour. Sweetest little room for a stinker that never sleeps in it!
Lucille's nursery2014 was a year to thank God for. Going into 2015 all I have is gratitude. Happy New Year friends!