Chris’s surprise 30th birthday

Chris (2)

Chris (3)

Chris (4)

This past weekend we had my brother-in-law’s surprise 30th birthday party! He had no clue about it, so it was super fun!

The night before we took my sister and brother-in-law to see Brian Regan which was HILARIOUS. That guy just cracks me up to the point where tears are streaming down my face I am laughing so hard: and it takes a lot for me to really belly laugh at a comedian. If you haven’t seen Brian Reagan do yourself a favor and You Tube that up right now, do it! Look up his “show horses” bit.

We just had a great weekend with family. Feeling ever so blessed these days. We felt really lucky to have two nights out in a row, it was a nice and much needed break for mommy and daddy :). With our busy weeks with the kids, Ralph and I sometimes find it hard to find time to spend together without the kids, which I think is very important once in a while. So it is such a treat when we get out and challenge ourselves to stay awake past 9pm. We are so the type of parents that have a hard time leaving our kids too, well ok…I am so that parent. I am always worrying when we are gone how they are surviving with out me. (They always do just fine.) Ok better reign it in before I get going about my psycho mom tendencies and lets not even talk about how expensive it is to do anything with babysitters and all that jazz…yeah…I started out only wanting to post a few pictures in honor of our sister and brother-in-law ( love you guys so much!) and I somehow knew I would get off track!

Happy Birthday to a great brother-in-law! Also it should be noted that my sister-in-laws birthday was just a few days before her hubby’s! Also say a little prayer for my sister-in-law because she is going to have another baby very soon and we are just a little excited about it. (GIRL GIRL GIRL!)

Chris (6)I made this friendly little gift for Chris! Thought it turned out super cute!

Chris (8) Chris (1) ChrisChris (14) Chris (13) Chris (12) Chris (11)

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