Strollers, carseats, & other terribly important things

We are getting things ready for baby around here and it feels so great! I have entered my nesting stage of pregnancy which is a part I love. It can be frustrating though because the energy is just not there this time around, and some times I can’t nest when I want to. On top of that we kind of unknowingly entered what may turn out to be the busiest few months of our life. So many huge things happening for our family this year. All very exciting changes and blessings, but super stressful nonetheless. More about those later! There isn’t really much to buy this time around with this being our 4th child, just a lot of washing and organizing.


One thing I do need to buy before baby, is a new carseat and stroller. So can we just talk about baby strollers for one hot minute? I have spent so many hours in the past 2 weeks researching strollers and infant car seats and I still have no idea what to buy. I can’t even look anymore, my brain is fried. Why am I making such a big deal about buying a new stroller? Probably because the last 2/3 strollers we have purchased were terrible and I want to do it right this time around. I want to find the “perfect” stroller. Although I am positive that a “perfect” stroller doesn’t exist, surly I can find one that is better than my past strollers.

The reason we need a new car seat is because our infant car seat is almost 7 years old, and is no longer considered safe. The reason we are super pumped about getting a new carseat, is because the last time we bought a infant carseat/stroller combo we chose a safari animal pattern that still haunts me. There weren’t many stylish options 7 years ago! Isn’t it a beaut? And actually ours was the much older, even worse version of this pattern. Yikes.

11-0477-01.jpg.thumb_280x280So this time in the carseat department, I am going for functionality, and simplicity. No patterns. This means we will also get to buy new stroller! :) I feel pretty excited about that guys, can you tell? These days I would choose buying new baby items over buying a whole new wardrobe any day. I’m pretty sure my 21 year old self just died inside a little bit, but that is what my life is at the moment and I embrace it. Most strollers work well with an infant seat nowadays and if they don’t you can almost always buy an attachment for them to clip right in. This feature is a must for me until the baby is out of the infant car seat. I already have and adore my Maclaren Quest for when the baby is out of an infant car seat or can sit up, but until then I will need a new stroller.

These are the strollers we purchased in the past:

Enter….The Graco Duo Glider double stroller. Loved it at first because it was my first stroller that I could clip my infant seat right in, plus have another child in the front. As time went on though, it seemed to become bulkier and bulkier and it is the hardest thing ever to push. It took up so much space in our trunk when we would take it places and it weights a ton, so lifting it in the trunk was a challenge. Although there are many more, those are my main complaints about it.

This Baby Trend stroller we had in a lot older, single version. It was lightweight which I loved but very cheaply made. The front wheels cracked and soon after that totally broke off within the first year I had it.

My Maclaren Quest is my favorite stroller for the ages of 1-3ish. It is the best to travel with because of how light it is, it pushes effortlessly, and folds in a jiffy. Only complaint is that it doesn’t recline more.

There have been so many drastic improvements in strollers since the last time we were looking to buy one! Yay! Here are the strollers/carseats I am considering so far in my search:

Bob Revolution SE Single Stroller

Britax 2014 B-Agile and B-Safe Travel System

4moms Origami Stroller

Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seat and Base

BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller

Uberchild HD Full 3 in 1 Travel System


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  hannahholzmann [at] gmail [dot] com

And now, no more stroller searching for at least a week. I’m spent.



xoxo, the storks.

So for the past 8 months, my friend Emily and I have been playing the very important role of “the storks”. Our friend Theresa is pregnant with a baby girl and we decided to leave her secret little presents on her doorstep throughout her pregnancy, signing them, the storks. Here are some of the gifts ideas that we did…[so sorry for the quality of the pics, I didn’t think to take pictures with my good camera before dropping them off :) ]

First a pregnancy calendar to introduce ourselves.

Get it? Flutter. It would have been way cooler with a BUTTERFLY but we couldn’t find one.

Morning sickness cures!

After the loss of her sweet grandpa.

Our guess before the big gender reveal party! We really thought it was going to be a girl for the record…but we had told her that so many times that we HAD to guess a boy to throw her off even more.

Whoops we were wrong. But not really.

Again….get it?

Then we finally revealed our identities are her baby shower. We wrapped up a pretty pink plush stork and sent this cute little poem along with it. {Emily did the poem & research behind the stork which turned out to be religious and adorable}

Here is the note we included: The legend of the stork

She didn’t know it was us! yay! We had to be really sneaky…one time I drove past her house 7 different times and her car was there every time so I couldn’t drop it off until I knew she was gone. Talk about feeling like a creeper. Another time we thought she was onto us, we had my husband drop off a gift at her house while we were out with her. Muahaha.


Gender party ideas

We had our friends “gender reveal party” this past weekend and I asked if I could blog some of their awesome party ideas! It was so fun and they had some really creative decor. So happy for you Andrew & Theresa.

They had a table right when you walked in with blue and pink ribbion and rattles. Each guest had to wear whatever their guess was. Beyond that, we all had to wear pink or blue to show our guess as well. Then you could make a name suggestion for the parents to be.

Pink & blue punch area.

A chart they made with all the answers to old wives tales of the mommy-to-be.

S’mores bar with the “he” and “she” colored in on the Hershey’s bars.

Box which held the balloons (pink or blue). This was how they found out, by lifting up the lid together and the balloons flew out!

Congrats! IT’S A GIRL!!!

For the record, I was right. :)

Everyone had to bring a “baby” sized appetizer to share. I decided I needed to bring something pink, so I brought old fashioned pink popcorn. Click here for the recipe.

Even the dogs guessed what baby M was going to be! So fun!


Homemade baby food- how to

We made organic baby food last weekend and it was SO easy! It will save you so much money and is much better for your baby! We chose to use organic produce but you can use conventionally grown produce as well.

Baby food

  • Peas- steam frozen bags, purée in food processor
  • Sweet potatoes- bake with skin on at 400° for an hour, wait to cool peel off skin, purée in food processor
  • Green beans- steam frozen bags, purée in food processor
  • Apples- peel, core, chop, sauté in water until soft with cinnamon, purée in food processor
  • Pears- peel, core, chop, sauté in water until soft, purée in food processor
  • Carrots- Peel, chop, steam, purée in food processor
Banana’s, mangos, and apricots can be freshly mashed into baby food right before feedings.

Note: you may need to add water while  puréeing in food processor for a smoother consistency.

Use ice cube trays to freeze, then transfer to large ziplock bags and label. Or use breast milk storage bags and label. Note: baby food should be used within 3 months when kept in the freezer and within 72 hours when in the fridge.

Everyone got in on the fun :)