Christmas at the Holzmanns

christmas decor 2014 (2) christmas decor 2014 (1)Hey there! I hope you all had a very wonderful Christmas! Ours was superb and surprisingly relaxed? What? I dunno it even sounds odd typing it but its true! We had a lot of places to go, but this year I focused on not stressing about everything, and I actually succeeded. I can honestly say I enjoyed every moment of chaos, and fingers crossed, nobody has been sick yet. Which right now is a miracle because there are some crazy terrible things going around our parts. I give all the credit to my trusty oils. Luckily, our family is mostly in town, and we didn’t have to travel to any get-togethers which also makes things easier.

Christmas morning was simple magical. I had been looking forward to it since the day Ralph and I did our shopping about a month ago[musical emoji] (ok ok I know rap is utterly terrible and I do not like the lyrics but it is sups catchy. side note–I recently discovered Trip Lee who is a Kanye-esque rapper that raps about Jesus and he is amazing if you are into that kind of thing.) Our kids didn’t get toys this year, they got books, puzzles, sleds, games, legos, and one epic tee pee. We really wanted to have more things we can do together as a family and that is all we have been doing for the past few days. Thumbs up for our kids being at the age where they want to play games with us on Friday nights for hours. Card games, lego cities, board games, and family Mario party battles, are all that is on the agenda for the rest of break and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Usually,  I am taking down Christmas decorations the day after Christmas. I am totally one of those crazies. I just want it all gone right after, and I feel like I need to spring clean errrything. I’m not sure what it is, but the clutter always seems to drive me nutso by the time Christmas is over. It definitely doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that I decorate immediately after Thanksgiving. No it does not. Our old house was pretty tiny though, and sometimes I still wonder how I fit all my decorations in that space, but after Christmas I was always so ready to have my house back to normal. Now that we have more space, I love the Christmas decor and don’t want it to go! I thought I would document a few areas of Christmas cheer that are staying around a while longer in our home, because it’s our first Christmas with more space and in our new home. I got a few new things this year, but most of my Christmas decor is vintage and decor 2014 (3) christmas decor 2014 (4) christmas decor 2014 (5) christmas decor 2014 (6) christmas decor 2014 (7) christmas decor 2014 (8) christmas decor 2014 (9) christmas decor 2014 (10) christmas decor 2014 (11) christmas decor 2014 (12) christmas decor 2014 (13) christmas decor 2014Christmas decor (8) Christmas decorChristmas decor (1) Christmas decor (2) Christmas decor (5) Christmas decor (6)

Christmas decor (7)

Also- the response to my post about getting started with essential oils was overwhelmingly awesome! I am trying to respond to all of your emails the best I can. Know that I am working to get back to everyone! I am overjoyed that so many of you want to start using these life-changing oils in your home. If you missed it, I started an instagram account just for oily tips if you want to follow along… @essentiallysimple.