Cranberry lime vodka


This year we did a lot of homemade gifts and this was my favorite out of all of them. Homemade cranberry lime vodka. Looks so festive and really a great gift. It wasn’t too difficult, just slightly time consuming (you have to poke holes in every single cranberry.) Very happy with the way it turned out though!


You will need:

cranwine (1)

Step 1- poke two holes in each cranberry (EVERY SINGLE ONE). I did this step using a toothpick.

Step 2- cut 2 medium sized pieces off of the lime rhine.

Step 3- put the cranberries in the (clean) bottle, one by one, and add the lime rhine. [I used 2-3 2inch pieces of lime skin (that sounds really weird, no?)]

Step 4- pour about 2 tablespoons of sugar through the funnel into the bottle.

Step 5- pour vodka over the top of the cranberries and limes.

Step 6- close the bottle stopper and store for at least 2 weeks before drinking. Hint- the longer you let it sit the sweeter it will get.

Step 7- drink and enjoy. OR attach some drink recipes and a cute note and give as a gift!

I found a lime crantini recipe and a cranberry lime spritzer recipe that I attached with ours. I also noted on our gifts that if the bottles were retured, we would make them another batch next year. I hope it was tasty!

recipe adapted from: here.

Happy Friday & have a blessed weekend!




Sweet gift idea for your husband

The Christmas after we got married I decided to start writing down all the reasons I love Ralph. I didn’t know what I planned on doing with it but the idea was to come up with some sort of gift out of it. After I had a long list, I started searching for the perfect gift. I thought about how people sign those matte frame things at weddings and got to thinking– that would be perfect! I found a great calligrapher named Sharon Thomas. I can’t remember exactly how much it cost to have done but I know it wasn’t too bad. And if you have nice writing you can do this yourself. So I sent her the matte of the frame and the list of things I wanted on it. When I got it back in the mail I was so happy with the way it turned out! I put one of our wedding pictures in it and gave it to Ralph for Christmas. He was really surprised and loved it! Now it hangs on our black and white picture wall.

It was really fun making the list and I must say, it is nice to have those reminders of all the reasons why I love him, hanging in the hallway. Lets face it, marriage is awesome but it takes work, and there are those occasional times that we don’t see eye to eye :)