Essential oils: Starter kit oil uses {free printable}

I have a handy dandy free printable chart that will help you use your oils to really enhance your life in a safe natural way. I have personally used all of these oils many times to combat most of the ailments listed. This is such a helpful reference to have around and a great tool to help you if you are just beginning to get into oils. All of the oils featured in this chart can be found in the premium starter kit. If you are like me, once I got my starter kit, I felt very overwhelmed and clueless on what to do with my oils. I wish I had something like this to help me out! Remember there are 4 different ways you can use the oils, depending on the ailment and the severity:  you can learn those here.


Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 5.23.20 PM

Just click on the image, right click it to save, print it, hang in your oily storage space, and go save the world with oils friends.


Essential Oils: YL Essential Rewards Program

So you took the plunge and became a Young Living wholesale member….mostly so you could get the discount right? Me too. Now that you are a distributor,  I want to tell you about an awesome program Young Living offers called essential rewards.

Essential rewards is a monthly auto ship program that is available exclusively to Young Living distributors. By becoming an essential rewards member, you will earn points to be used for future product orders. Your order will auto ship to you on the day you choose, every month. The cool thing is you can change your order every month and even change the date it ships! So if one month you run out of peppermint and lemon, but you don’t need those the next month, you can choose something else. The only requirement is that you order a minimum of 50 PV per month to participate in essential rewards, which equals about 50 us dollars. Pretty easy to do! (p.s…PV stands for personal volume. Usually the PV amount matches up dollar for dollar with the purchase price, but not always. Make sure to check this before saving your essential rewards order.)

There are a number of  benefits to having an essential rewards order set up:

1. You save on shipping. Every essential reward order you place qualifies for reduced shipping costs. All essential reward members pay $6.98 U.S. / $9.75 CAN flat shippping rate on the first 5 lbs of your order and only $0.63 for every additional pound U.S., and $0.70 for CAN.

2. You earn rewards points back with every essential rewards order you place. The points work like CASH to be used for future orders, and you can earn up to 20% back for every order. As the number of months you place an essential rewards order increase, so does your percentage back! So basically the more months you place an essential rewards order consecutively, the higher percentage you get back in points.

First 6 months-→ 10% PV back

6-12 months → 15% PV back

13 months + → 20% PV back

For example: If you place a 130 PV essential rewards order in your first 6 months you would earn 13 points to redeem for free product. The more you order, the more points you redeem. Plus Young Living just added the option to redeem your essential rewards points ONLINE! We used to have to call to use them or wait for live help online, which took foreverrrr.

Thats a whole lot of free oils friends! I have been an essential rewards member for a little over a year and have earned about $300 in FREE oils!

Just remember, you can only earn these rewards points with your essential rewards order, not with any of your regular orders. And you can only place ONE essential rewards order per month, so make sure you have everything you want in your cart before it auto ships! You can however place as many regular orders as you’d like in a month.

3. You have access to discounted essential rewards exclusives! There are a few kits that are discounted and are only available for essential rewards members to purchase: NingXia Red, ART skincare, Thieves, and Balance all offer great discounted essential rewards kits! So you get a fantastic deal and earn free products at the same time! I order the NingXia Red essential rewards kit which includes, 4- bottles, and 30 single packets, for $171.25. If I would have bought them separately it would have cost about 30$ more! #callingallcouponers this is a no brainer!

So what are you waiting for?

Here is how you can start earning rewards :

1. First become a wholesale member if you have not done so already….here is how to do that. (remember you NEVER have to sell or keep up with ordering when you become a wholesale member, but to take advantage of the essential rewards program you need to order a minimum of 50 PV per month.) You can choose one of the essential reward kits if you want the products in that kit but you don’t have to. You can choose other products that you’d like.

If you are already a wholesale member, login to your account and click the essential rewards tab on the lefthand side to set up your account.

2. Choose your favorite Young Living products worth at least 50 PV. Remember, you can change this every month!

3. Complete the essential rewards agreement online or by fax.

Enjoy your free oils!


Essential Oils: For Beauty

essential oils around the home (2)

These are a few of the ways I use my essential oils in my daily beauty routine, and a few that I only use on an as-needed-basis.

1 drop of Lavender oil in my mascara. I have been doing this for months and my lashes have never been longer, and rarely clump anymore when I wear mascara.

Joy, Ylang Ylang, and Peace and Calming make the lovliest perfumes. Vetiver and Valor are good ones for men.

10 drops of Cedarwood in a spray bottle, with one pump of conditioner, and 4 oz of water for hair growth. Spray on after bath or shower and comb through hair. I have been doing this religiously at night and my hairline is finally starting to grow back! Highly recommend for after baby hair loss. Make sure to do it at night though because cedarwood makes you sleepy.

8 drops of Lavender and 8 drops of Frankincense right into your daily moisturizer for the skin of your dreams. Frank will diminish wrinkles for the win and lavender will keep your skin hydrated and clear.

1 drop of Vetiver on the back of your neck and on your feet to help with your beauty rest. When you are getting sufficient sleep those bags under your eyes will be smaller and lighter, and your skin will be healthier.

1 drop of Melaleuca as an acne spot treatment. I put this on a zit once and within hours it was clearing up and had shrunk significantly in size.

Diffuse Lemongrass and Marjoram if your face feels puffy and your skin is tight.

These wonderful oils have changed my beauty routine for the better: I love what they have done for my skin specifically.

I stand behind Young Livings essential oils exclusively, as they are pure, therapeutic grade oils, and come from crops that are grown organically and without the use of chemicals. If you want to learn more about how to get started with essential oils, check out my post here, or shoot me an e-mail! I love to talk oils. 


Essential Oils: Theraputic grade vs. Synthetic

Y’all know there are skeptics out there that will say essential oils are not safe to ingest or use at all…but before you roll your eyes at them, they do have some credibility. Not all oils are safe. It’s a true statement.  There is a reason that I put “I stand behind Young Living’s essential oils exclusivley” in every one of my posts…and now I am going to tell you why.

grades of essential oils

There are 4 grades of essential oils that I am going to talk about, and you can only reap the health benefits from pure, Grade A, therapeutic grade oils.

First let’s talk about what it means to be a therapeutic grade oil.

Every oil you can purchase from Young Living, is therapeutic grade. What this means is that the oils are highly concentrated and have life-enhancing properties. Therapeutic grade oils are easily evaporated at room temperature, and come from plants grown all over the world. And to all of those who think essential oils are just a “trend”, I hear you, they do seem super trendy right now, but essential oils have been revered for centuries for their restorative properties to the body, mind, and spirit. I mean baby Jesus got gifts of frankincense and myrrh and that was like forever ago right?! So the trend argument really does not work with me. Honestly it’s exciting that essential oils are trending right now because it’s waking people up about exploring natural, safe alternatives to heal their bodies, instead of constantly relying on medications. Every drop of therapeutic grade oils contain hundreds of organic particles and and other natural elements, and because they are so pure,  a couple drops on your skin is enough to penetrate and get into your bloodstream.

There are 4 grades of essential oils

Grade A : pure, therapeutic quality, made from organically grown plants, distilled at the correct temperature, time, and pressure, and harvested at the right season.

Grade B: food grade, contain synthetics, pesticides, fertilizers, extenders, and carrier oils.

Grade C: perfume grade, contains the same type of adulterating chemicals as food grade oils. Contain solvents which are used to gain a higher yield of oil per harvest.

Floral Water : a byproduct of the distillation process and can be very high quality only if it comes from a Grade A distillation process.

So how do you know what grade of oil you are buying? This is where it gets tricky. Of course perfume grade oils are not going to advertise themselves as being cheap oils with dangerous filers in them so you have to do your research. They will say something alarming on the label that should be a red flag. The label will say something like, “not safe to ingest” and then you know that it is not pure or therapeutic grade. Also, do not be fooled by bottles that say “pure” on them. This means nothing as only about 5% of the oil has to be pure for them to print the word pure on the bottle.

So what I am trying to say is… if you think you can go on Amazon and purchase lavender for super cheap because you don’t want to invest in Young Living, you are misinformed. If you purchase a bottle of lavender essential oil that costs 5$ I can GUARANTEE you it is not pure, therapeutic grade. There is no possible way. What you are buying is a synthetic, fragrance oil that is merely a duplication of the “signature” aroma of a pure botanical. Basically a chemical made in a lab, that is designed to mimic the smell of the plant it comes from. Unfortunately the complex chemical components of the oil are missing in synthetic oils, and not only will this oil be damaging to use on your body, you will not reap any health benefits from it. It’s smarter to just buy the lavender that you know is pure (for 23.50$ with your distributor discount!), instead of literally spending money to damage your health.

Another thing to know about purchasing, even Young Living, oils on Amazon, is that they could have been tampered with. Meaning someone could have bought them and diluted them with carrier oils, and sealed them back up to sell to you for a profit. Seriously. People be cray.

This article from a chemist, really explains a lot about why our family chose to buy only from Young Living. I really encourage you to give it a read!


Essential Oils: How To Use Them

So you have your oils, and your shiny new diffuser, but beyond diffusing them and making your house smell delicious, you don’t use them for anything else. Ringing a bell anyone? That’s the jam I was in after I got my oils. I had no clue where to start using them first or more importantly, how to use them. Here are the 4 ways you can use your Young Living essential oils. Remember we are talking about therapeutic grade oils only, and I stand behind Young Living exclusively.essential oils around the home (3)essential oils (1)

There are 4 different ways to use your oils, and depending on what you want to use them for, you can determine which way you’d like you use them.

1. Diffuse: Every oil from Young Living can be used in your diffuser. Be weary of gooey-er oils like Valor, and Peace and Calming as they may leave a residue on your diffuser afterwards. But your diffuser will come with a handy dandy little sponge, perfect for wiping out the goo. Curious as to how the diffuser works? I know I was. The diffuser suspends oils into the air which helps to reduce fungi, bacteria, and mold, as well as neutralizes toxins in the air. When you diffuse your oils, your house will smell amazing because you are using these pure oils, in a clean fresh way. So you can go ahead and ditch all of those harmful, synthetic home air fresheners because they aren’t doing you any good. It is important to use a diffuser that does not use heat, as heat lessens the benefits of the oil. Young Living has a variety of diffusers but my favorite is the home diffuser that you get in your starter kit. That diffuser covers up to 1100 square feet! One thing I use my diffuser for every single day is running a calming, purifying, blend when the kids get home from school. For that I use orange, thieves, and lavender. Perfect witching hour combo.

2. Internal Consumption: Most oils can be ingested in either a vegetable capsule (you can order capsules from Young Living for cheap, or Amazon), by adding them to your drinking water, or dropped right onto the tongue. To be sure the oil you want to ingest is safe to do so, you can check the label on the back of your oil to find out. Here is an example: I had mastitis after Lucy was born and took vegetable capsules with 3 drops of oregano oil, and 3 drops of jojoba oil in them, 3 times a day, for 5 days straight. I have had mastitis a number of times and always end up having to go on an antibiotic and it takes days to feel better. The oregano oil had me feeling better within hours, which if you know how miserable it is to have mastitis, you know what a miracle that is. All of the praise for oregano oil.

essential oils (2)

3. Direct Application: Every oil from Young Living can be applied topically, although some oils may need what is called a carrier oil. I know all you skeptics out there are thinking the idea of rubbing an oil on your skin for some type of health benefit seems far-fetch, but remember, your skin is your largest organ. You rub these lovelies on your skin and you will reap wonderful benefits.

A carrier oil just helps to dilute the essential oil just in case your skin may be sensitive to it, it does not lessen the effect of the oil. In fact sometimes I will add a carrier oil just because it makes the essential oil easier and smoother to rub on. To dilute the oils you can use V-6 oil, coconut oil, olive oil, or jojoba oil. Again, the label on the back of your oil will help you with the exact way to dilute. I haven’t had a problem applying any oils directly on to my skin but I almost always dilute them for the kids, especially if it is the first time using an oil on them.

Essential oils can also be added directly to bath water mixed with epsom salt, or massaged on topically. If an oil does cause irritation on your skin, be sure to soothe it with a carrier oil and not water. Oils do not like water. A great place to put your oils is on your feet because the pores on your feet are the largest on your entire body, and the oil will get in your system the fastest. A fun way to test this out  is to rub a piece of garlic on your foot and I kid you not, minutes later you will taste garlic in your mouth! God sure was thinking when he created our miraculous bodies!

4. Direct Inhalation: You can simply put a drop of essential oil into the palm of your hand, rub your palms together, cup them around your nose, and breathe deeply to inhale your oils. You can also just open up the bottle and let it sit on your desk or on the counter and be assured that the oils are getting into the air and into your body.

I hope this clears up some of the confusion about oils for everyone! I know it can be a bit overwhelming when you are just getting started. As always, I am here to help. Contact me anytime with any questions you may have. Really. I mean it. I love talking about oils, and I love getting e-mails. Have an oily day. Too far, I know.

If you need help ordering oils you can refer back to this post here.