Baby shower ideas

My friend Theresa’s baby shower was a few weekends and it was too cute. She is having a girl which makes it EXTRA fun for me (because I have three boys).

Emily and I revealed that we were the baby secret storks at the shower! Read more about that here: xoxo, the storks.

I made these perfectly baby pink rice krispies using strawberry marshmallows and sprinkles.

And this fluffy baby pink punch that was ever so tasty. 1 can pineapple juice, 2 liter bottle of ginger ale and scoops of raspberry sherbet  The trick is to only keep the pineapple juice cold and not the ginger ale for the perfect punch temperature. Didn’t it turn out just perfectly baby-ish and pink!!?

I also made little vanilla wafer cookies dipped in white chocolate and pink sprinkles. I really wanted to make pink things but these turned out looking a little like santa hats. Opps.

Not pictured: I made some sushi sandwiches for the momma to be because she loves sushi and obvs hasn’t been able to have it. Used Tastefully Simple’s Spinach and Herb dip mix with a little mayo, on a slice of bread with the crusts cut off. Stuck a slice of cucumber, ham, and swiss cheese in it and rolled like you would a sushi roll. Slice and add a toothpick to each one.

My sister-in-law did the baby food tasting game and made these cutsie little mason jars.


Gender party ideas

We had our friends “gender reveal party” this past weekend and I asked if I could blog some of their awesome party ideas! It was so fun and they had some really creative decor. So happy for you Andrew & Theresa.

They had a table right when you walked in with blue and pink ribbion and rattles. Each guest had to wear whatever their guess was. Beyond that, we all had to wear pink or blue to show our guess as well. Then you could make a name suggestion for the parents to be.

Pink & blue punch area.

A chart they made with all the answers to old wives tales of the mommy-to-be.

S’mores bar with the “he” and “she” colored in on the Hershey’s bars.

Box which held the balloons (pink or blue). This was how they found out, by lifting up the lid together and the balloons flew out!

Congrats! IT’S A GIRL!!!

For the record, I was right. :)

Everyone had to bring a “baby” sized appetizer to share. I decided I needed to bring something pink, so I brought old fashioned pink popcorn. Click here for the recipe.

Even the dogs guessed what baby M was going to be! So fun!