Liam Holzmann (finally) gets a hair cut

I finally caved and got Liam’s hair cut. 2 inches off! I loved his long hair, it just totally fit his personality. But after getting mistaken for a girl numerous times (I know right?) and always feeling like he couldn’t see, I caved. After stalling for as long as possible, and making many excuses about why I couldn’t take him to get it cut, I finally got it cut. And it looks super cute. And I only shed a few tears. He now looks just like Jack when he was little, but exactly like present day Remy. What really makes me sad though, is he looks so much older. And of course I NEVER want my kids to grow up because I get an anxiety attack every time I even think about it, but thats another whole long depressing story.

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Here are the before and after pictures of my sweet little Liam.