Jack Holzmann tries hockey….

Hockey (2)

::post hockey snack aka dirty mouth ^

We are at the stage with Jack where he isn’t sure what sports he likes to play and which ones he doesn’t like yet. So that means we try every single sport imaginable and go from there. Right? I mean what else do you do? We have discovered he loves soccer which is no surprise to me for two reasons:: 1- he has always loved to run so I knew soccer would be a good fit for him. 2. I played soccer for years and he is a little mama’s boy ,so of course he will play soccer! Beyond that he hasn’t found another sport he really loves. He has been begging us to try hockey and I always said NO way. A of all, it is such a dangerous sport especially as the kids get older and the games get more aggressive. B of all, SO MUCH MONEY. C of all, every family that I know that has kids in hockey spends all their time at the rink and every weekend traveling for hockey. Ralph and I have always said that we will never let sports come in the way of our family time or dinner time especially on weeknights. And I think that is my biggest issue with hockey, is that it just takes too much time away from your family time which is super important to us. One of my best friends has two boys in hockey and she convinced me that you don’t have to let hockey rule your life if you don’t want it to and that I should just let him try it. So we did it. We let Jack try hockey. And GUESS WHAT? He LOVED it and I didn’t even have a nervous breakdown while he was on the ice without me.

Boy oh boy what have we gotten ourselves into.

Hockey (1) Hockey (8) Hockey Hockey (5)

Getting the hang of it!Hockey (4)

Hockey (7)

Hockey (6)

Hockey (3)

:: Remy & Liam snacking on the sidelines.

Am I really going to be a hockey mom? I am just not sure about you yet hockey. I feel like its going to be me on the sidelines having an anxiety attack over every fall and every push and shove. I don’t do well with letting my kids get older you guys…I should tell you about my Kindergarden breakdown. My anxiety… its well, another whole long story. Maybe I will write about that soon. Maybe I will start “Therapy Thursdays” where I tell you all my problems. Doesn’t that sound appealing to you? haha oh boy.

Hey hockey mom readers….help….advice? What do you think about getting your kids involved in hockey or trying out other sports?