Our lovely day {pictures}

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valentines day

{hallelujah…I am finally not too lazy to get my good camera out and hopefully start Friday picture posts again. January I tell ya. I got lost in it and am so thankful for the energy that February has brought}

1. &2. &3.- Morning bath tootsies

4. Valentines handprints

5. The smile I got when I asked him to smile

6.& 7.- The smiles I got when I asked Jack who his valentine was. For the record, it was me–YES please don’t ever leave me or grow up my sweet sweet Jack! (I know I am psycho mom and don’t care one bit.)

8. & 9. & 10.- Ralph makes us yummy steaks (thanks to Sysco & my mother & father in law :) ). Kids eat left overs–pizza, spaghetti, grilled cheese and carrots

11. St Valentine bio and Grandma Ransom’s homemade sugar cookies

12. I call it–Valentines comfy grunge. Also, scary.

13. Papa made chocolate covered strawberries and brought them over today–Thanks dad!

14. Our favorite red, cheap wine after the kids fall fast asleep

A simple day full of love. Jack had his Valentines party at school this morning–we had some friends over in the afternoon- boys napped-and then we had a family night in. Ralphy grilled the best steaks–(don’t give me a steak to cook ever, I will definitely ruin it. No patience.) Couldn’t wish for a better Valentines day spent with those I love the most. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have 4 handsome Valentines.

Hope you all had a fantastically lovely day and an even better weekend.


Liam Holzmann (finally) gets a hair cut

I finally caved and got Liam’s hair cut. 2 inches off! I loved his long hair, it just totally fit his personality. But after getting mistaken for a girl numerous times (I know right?) and always feeling like he couldn’t see, I caved. After stalling for as long as possible, and making many excuses about why I couldn’t take him to get it cut, I finally got it cut. And it looks super cute. And I only shed a few tears. He now looks just like Jack when he was little, but exactly like present day Remy. What really makes me sad though, is he looks so much older. And of course I NEVER want my kids to grow up because I get an anxiety attack every time I even think about it, but thats another whole long depressing story.

(Side note- sorry my site looks a little different, the fonts and such, we are in the process of switching over to the new design so it might look funky for a while)


Here are the before and after pictures of my sweet little Liam.


Snowball eating

Some cute pictures of the kids eating snowballs in front of the tree. Dripping on my clean, freshly washed floors. Because you know, they are boys. And I love them. And all of their dirty snow drips.


What we have been up to {pictures}

We have been staying busy lately, trying to finish everything on our Christmas to-do lists. I absolutely love this time of the year, even the hustle and bustle of last minute shopping. Here are some pictures from the last couple weeks in the Holzmann house.


Jack and Remy made Rice Krispie treat houses and ice cream cone trees. Let me tell you! We will never make a gingerbread house again. They loved making these just as much and they are SO MUCH easier. We will stick to gingerbread cookies if we need our fix.


Remember my friend Theresa who we played “the storks” for? She finally had her baby girl, fashionably late! Say hello to Lila Lucille…the sweetest little pumpkin you will ever meet.

Note the ratio of ornaments on the top of the tree to the bottom. Darn toddlers!


A life to be thankful for…

This past weekend was a good one guys. We started it off with a good fish fry Friday night. Then the Holzmann fam headed on down to our local Target to check out the new Wii  U and scope out some Christmas ideas. We ended up getting stuck by the Christmas music player and all 5 of us were dancing our little hearts out. Can you picture that? Your welcome.

Did a little rearranging.

Saturday we woke up Santa from his long winter’s nap at the mall with our wooden spoons and pots and pans. It was real cute. Then mama snuck out to the Sigma Holiday House for some quick Christmas shopping. After that it was off to our church picture session.

And of course we had to hit up A & W on the last weekend it was open for the season. Last week we went to Gillies for one last turtle sundae too. We really use any excuse to go out for a good burger and ice cream sundae. SO SUE US.

A stop at my friend Theresa’s voice concert to help with ticket sales. Then spent the whole evening with Ralphy volunteering at the youth center.

We played scrabble until some of the kids came. Ate some pop corn. Cranked the Amy Grant.

Needless to say it was quite the jam-packed day. We had to fit a few chores in there too! I always try and remember advice I have gotten from so many other parents on busy days like these….[ one day you will look back and miss all the craziness that is your kids and their activities, so enjoy it while it lasts] Um yeah. I already have empty nest syndrom when Jack is in school for 3 hours and I still have two kiddies at home with me. I have issues.

Sunday was a little more relaxed! Church in the morning and time with cousin Dominic during a visit to Grandma’s!

Lot’s to do for Thanksgiving preparations and lots MORE to be thankful for. Blessings to you and your families. I hope that amongst all the delicious food we are all going to eat we remember just how blessed we are. I am signing off for a few days to enjoy my family and all the fun holiday things we have planned. If you don’t already you can follow me on Instagram{hnanners} & Twitter {@hnanners}for pictures of our Thanksgiving festivities!