Back to normal….

Well we have daddy back home and things are getting back to normal around here! I was happy get back in my kitchen. I love cooking for my boys!

Here are some cool pictures Ralph took at the California Academy of Sciences last week that I wanted to share.

Our sweet Godson Dominic had his first birthday party this past week! It was so cute! Check out my sister-in-laws fancy cupcakes!

ahhhhh!!!! Adorable!

We couldn’t be happier to get back to our routines.

We had the first snow of the winter this week too! Nothing stuck to the ground, but already feeling like curling up next to an open fire nonetheless.

I have been real busy planning my Thanksgiving meal this week, which is so much fun. So here’s the spread so far:

  • sage stuffed turkey with herb butter rub
  • butternut squash
  • pecan & marshmallow crusted sweet potato casserole
  • parmesan crusted mashed potatoes
  • green bean casserole with almond shavings
  • corn pudding
  • apple, cranberry, sausage and brioche stuffing
  • cranberry sauce (the can kind, because we love it)!
  • gravy
  • pumpkin pie

Looking at this list is stressing me out just a little bit but go big or go home right? I can do a lot of prep ahead of time so that will help. Ralph has so generously offered to clean out the turkey cavity for me too! yay!

Thanks for stopping by… heres a happy picture to start your weekend.


Our week

This is the church in San Fran that Ralph has been going to while he is there. Pretty beautiful right?

My brother just got his temps. I let him drive to South Hills to pick up food. Never again. I kid I kid. He wasn’t all that bad.

Officially started our Christmas shopping this week! A little later than normal but hey, gotta start somewhere. Remy does not like shopping unless it is down the Thomas the train toy aisle, so he had to be bribed with goldfish.

I took Jack as my date to my Aunt & Uncle’s vow renewal, which was so much fun. Jack had 4 kiddie cocktails and bragged about it to everyone there.

And danced all night long!

My friends suprised me with this bench this week. Engraved on the top are both my grandmother’s names (that passed away in the last month). I mean. I couldn’t ask for better people in my life. The best part is, that some of my final good memories with one of my grandmas was sitting on the bench outside her nursing home talking. Thanks guys, your the best!

Went to play with our 2nd cousins! Sophia and little Ben!

Ralph comes home Saturday! Thanks to all my friends and family for your help while he has been traveling. It was so nice to have playdates and mommy coffee dates planned almost every day to keep me busy. The time actually went by super fast because of all you wonderful people. I am extra excited for things to get back to normal around here though, thats for sure.

xoxo, Hannah

{yay for leggings and boots weather}


Kids birthday present idea

Use an empty box of Kleenex and stuff with dollar bills taped together. Put “don’t BLOW it all in one place” on the tag. You should see kids faces when the money doesn’t stop coming out, its like a magic trick! Thanks to Pinterest for this awesome idea! We have used it more than once this summer!


DIY chalkboard

Step by step instructions on how to make your own chalkboard! Great for outside, inside, or in the garage on a rainy day. Also a really good project for kids to do with daddy. Our son Jack got a gift card to Home Depot, chalk, & chalkboard paint for his birthday (what an awesome gift!) so he could build this with daddy.

You will need:

  • piece of plywood (ours was already sanded but if the wood is rough you will need to sand it)
  • chalkboard paint
  • primer
  • 4 2×4’s
  • 2 door hinges
  • spray paint
  • 2 inch wood screws
  • 2 pieces of 8 ft decorative trim (optional)

First prime the piece of plywood. The trick is to keep the primer & paint very thin so the chalkboard will be smooth. Let dry overnight.

Next paint two coats of the chalkboard paint over the primer. Let dry over night. While that is drying you can spray paint the 2×4’s your color of choice.

Next screw the door hinges onto the ends of two 2×4’s to act as feet.

Measure and mark an inch from each corner of the chalkboard. Then screw the chalkboard into the feet where you made your marks.

Now comes the tricky part: adding the trim. Spray paint the trim your color of choice. Saw trim so pieces are slightly longer than each side of the chalkboard. Next measure 45° angles where the corners of the trim meet. Saw off the extra wood at those angles. Nail trim to chalkboard.





Fun with water

All you need is a large bucket or tote, water, water toys, & bath tub color drops. This keeps the boys entertained for at least an hour. They love to play pirate’s together with the toy boats. It is also a great way to practice “when mix red and yellow it makes____?”. We bring out some kitchen utensils for fun too. The boys like to pretend they are fishing with the spoons and see who can catch the most toy fish.