Back to normal….

Well we have daddy back home and things are getting back to normal around here! I was happy get back in my kitchen. I love cooking for my boys!

Here are some cool pictures Ralph took at the California Academy of Sciences last week that I wanted to share.

Our sweet Godson Dominic had his first birthday party this past week! It was so cute! Check out my sister-in-laws fancy cupcakes!

ahhhhh!!!! Adorable!

We couldn’t be happier to get back to our routines.

We had the first snow of the winter this week too! Nothing stuck to the ground, but already feeling like curling up next to an open fire nonetheless.

I have been real busy planning my Thanksgiving meal this week, which is so much fun. So here’s the spread so far:

  • sage stuffed turkey with herb butter rub
  • butternut squash
  • pecan & marshmallow crusted sweet potato casserole
  • parmesan crusted mashed potatoes
  • green bean casserole with almond shavings
  • corn pudding
  • apple, cranberry, sausage and brioche stuffing
  • cranberry sauce (the can kind, because we love it)!
  • gravy
  • pumpkin pie

Looking at this list is stressing me out just a little bit but go big or go home right? I can do a lot of prep ahead of time so that will help. Ralph has so generously offered to clean out the turkey cavity for me too! yay!

Thanks for stopping by… heres a happy picture to start your weekend.