Homemade baby food- how to

We made organic baby food last weekend and it was SO easy! It will save you so much money and is much better for your baby! We chose to use organic produce but you can use conventionally grown produce as well.

Baby food

  • Peas- steam frozen bags, purée in food processor
  • Sweet potatoes- bake with skin on at 400° for an hour, wait to cool peel off skin, purée in food processor
  • Green beans- steam frozen bags, purée in food processor
  • Apples- peel, core, chop, sauté in water until soft with cinnamon, purée in food processor
  • Pears- peel, core, chop, sauté in water until soft, purée in food processor
  • Carrots- Peel, chop, steam, purée in food processor
Banana’s, mangos, and apricots can be freshly mashed into baby food right before feedings.

Note: you may need to add water while  puréeing in food processor for a smoother consistency.

Use ice cube trays to freeze, then transfer to large ziplock bags and label. Or use breast milk storage bags and label. Note: baby food should be used within 3 months when kept in the freezer and within 72 hours when in the fridge.

Everyone got in on the fun :)