ten // twenty fifteen

For those of you just starting to follow along…I have challenged myself to post pictures weekly for the entire year of the kids and our weekly happenings. Honestly can’t believe I have made it to week 10. hashtag self confidence

10--2015 (3)10--2015 (2)

10--201510--2015 (4)

10--2015 (5)

1. It was 67 degrees here the other day. 67 DEGREES. Last week there were mornings that were below zero so….thanks Wisconsin. White tulips forever.

2. Almost all of the Holzmann boys playing a game of catch.

3. Crafting with my boys.

4. Ralph and I snuck out for a few hours with some great friends, alone, WHAT? Very much needed, we had a great time letting loose.

5. And a dirty Lucille who just found her first sucker and opened it all on her own. I decided to reward her hard work by letting her suck on it for a bit in her highchair. That is until she dropped it and Crosby polished it off.