A halloween to remember

pumpkin rissotto (5)It started out like any other Sunday in the Holzmann abode. We leisurely rolled out of bed, Ralph made eggs and bacon, and we got ready for church. The boys knew they had to be on their best behavior if they wanted to go trick or treating that afternoon so naturally breakfast was eaten faster, without much whining, and teeth were brushed without any questions like, why do teeth need to be brushed daily? or why do you even need to use toothpaste? We headed to mass and we were the noisiest bunch in church, per the norm. Liam flirted with the old lady that always sits in the pew behind us and Remy and Jack fought over who got to read which book first. Again, normal. On our way back from the communion line I could see Jack and Remy racing back to the pew. The boys are always competing in our house. Is this normal, other moms of boys?! So frustrating! This wasn’t out of the ordinary and they are warned daily of the dangers of “racing” each other but I couldn’t say anything this time because we were the last ones to come back from communion, and there was no music in the background to cover my voice. Then just like that, Remy tripped over the foot of the man in front of him and went flying headfirst into the corner of a pew. There was an immediate scream and blood gushing everywhere. Everyone in the church went “HUUUUUUUHHHHHH!!!” because the sound of his head hitting the pew was incredibly loud. It was all very dramatic. I grabbed him as quick as I could and raced to the bathroom. When I saw the cut I knew right away that we needed to head to the ER and he would need stitches. Ralph rounded up the boys and the car and we raced to the hospital.2013-10-27 10.46.25

I was actually calmer than I ever thought I could be in a situation like this because I felt I had to be for Remy. He cried for about 10 minutes and then calmed down. He did end up needing 7 stitches but was the bravest little 3 year old you could ever imagine. He followed the doctor’s instructions so perfectly and was proud of his tough guy stitches. This may sound weird but the whole experience made me so proud to be his mother. He was fearless in an unknown place, with an injury unlike any other he has had before. I took comfort in the fact that it happened in church and that there were already so many people praying for him. I was proud of his brothers: Jack who was so concerned about him at the hospital, and Liam who cried so hard because he was scared for Remy. As a mother you never want to see your child get hurt, ever, but there is something ever so special about being the one to comfort them when they do.2013-10-27 11.47.05

Also, how perfect that trick or treating was the same day because candy can cure mostly anything I say.  With 5 stickers, a double popsicle, and the o.k. to go trick or treating, we were on our home from the ER. Remy being the sweetheart that he is, gave his brothers most of his stickers because he thought they would really like them. When we got home Ralph and I looked at each other with relief that we survived, and with comfort that we were finally home after leaving for mass 4 hours ago. And somehow after this terrible experience, I felt thankful. Thankful for the togetherness our family felt after this experience. Thankful for the way God showed us that as long as we have each other, we have everything. And then God blessed us with a beautiful afternoon of trick or treating and a ton of candy we will never eat!

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  • Corinne

    awwww…… sweetheart Remy – what a tough guy!

    • hannahholzmann

      He was such a tough guy! Little sweetheart!

  • Erin Boelhower

    Glad Remy is ok!