This parenting thing…

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It’s that time of the year when are schedules go from 0 to 100 mph in what seems like only a week. I can’t say I mind if for the most part, our boys need to keep busy, as long as it doesn’t ever interfere with our family dinners and weekends.


so here’s the busy breakdown:

  • the boys are starting all their pre-summer sports this week– which takes up two mornings a week & two nights a week
  • Jacks 5th birthday is coming up which means A. I am in full party planning mode and B. I am really really sad. I swear it was only yesterday we brought him home from the hospital.
  • I like to schedule a couple playdates during the weekdays to keep the kids busy and of course to catch up with my lovely friends. I have come to realize how important this really is when you are a stay at home mom–anything to break up those long days, can I get an AMEN?!
  • I teach 8th grade catechism one night, plus prep work. I really enjoy teaching and I do consider teaching somewhat my “me” time that I get out of the house.
  • Ralph and I are still volunteering at our church’s youth center when we can on the weekends.
  • Ralph and I started working on a new committee at church, which is super exciting and will be coming this summer! So keeping up with the planning and meetings for this–
  • A couple of my girlfriends and I started taking this parenting class one night a week which has been SO helpful and we are learning so much! This will go for the next couple months.

Anyways you get the idea. our weeks are getting super busy, so much so that we have something going every single night of the week. And these are just the new things I am adding to our weekly schedules ugh. I can feel my anxiety bubbling as I type this.

Did I forget to mention I need to keep up on the housework and meals sometime in there? Not to mention food photo shoots for this blog of mine! ha. So if you are wondering why I hardly ever wear make up and show up to school pick up in yoga pants every day- there ya go people. The glamorous life of a stay at home mom–you feel super lucky if you can sneak in a shower every couple days. Check out my Instagram for some rare times I throw a little make-up on and get out of my sweats, because you just have to document those days as a stay at home mom, right?

Oh I don’t want to forget the really important detail that I decided to take caffeine out of my diet completely in the last couple weeks. Oh that has been great fun. That could not have been more poorly planned self, way to go! I used to be a 3 cup (a day) black coffee drinker but in an effort to help my migraines & prepare myself for the next pregnancy (not pregnant or trying yet you guys!) I decided to just cut it out now. I really enjoy the taste of a good hot cup of black coffee, so I am still drinking decaf coffee every now and again. But those withdraw headaches are NO JOKE.


Anyway I am sure that I am leaving a number of things out but you get the idea of how busy your life is when you have three growing, active boys. I love being a stay at home mom most days but some days I feel like my brain can’t even keep up with everything we have going on, or everything I need to accomplish. Anybody who tells you being a stay at home mom is easy is either lying to you or is some sort of super human and I want to meet them so they can teach me their ways. It is the hardest job that I have ever done, but by far the most important. So important that I need to focus all my time and energy on my kids for a while. After all these are the best, most fun years with them and also the crucial parenting years to “get it right” if we want to raise decent human beings. Which I think is the ultimate goal right? :) with God’s help of course.

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So here is what I am going to do about it: cut out 1 unnecessary stressor

I am not going to be posting daily anymore. I will still (hopefully) have something new at least once a week for you guys, probably more, but it just comes down to the fact that my family comes first and I am not sure how much time I will have. Beyond that I am not sure that any extra time I do have, I will be wanting to be “working”. One of my recent goals is to take more time for myself when I have it, and although I do consider my blog a really enjoyable outlet for myself, it is ALOT of work and stressful when you are a perfectionist. By the time I prepare my recipes, photograph them, and work on posts I have about 3 hours into each post, sometimes more depending on the recipe. I just feel that at this time in my life my energy should be spent solely on raising my children and taking care of my family. My immediate family gets all my time, then any leftover time beyond our activities, goes to my friends. I love my blog, and I really enjoy keeping up with it so when I do have extra time beyond that, I will definitely be directing it here.

So my lovely little blog gets the short straw for a while :: but if I focused as much time as I do now on my blog, in craziness that is the next few months maybe years, im afraid my family and I, will suffer the consequences. I get really bad anxiety when I have too much on my plate so it is important for me to recognize what is a priority, and what is not. And if I am being completely honest:: I may not be back to daily posts during the week for a long time…maybe even years to come, or until my kids are grown (tearing up just thinking about my kids being grown.) I just don’t foresee us getting less busy anytime soon.

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Also that darn internet:

Another thing I have been thinking about lately is computer time/phone time. I really try to limit myself to check Instagram only a few times a day, same with Twitter, but I really enjoy sitting down and catching up on all my favorite blogs. It just seems silly to me though –that in the rare case that I get a break from the kids– that I need to be on the computer reading something or checking in with what other people are up to on my phone. I never ignore my children because of technology but I certainly do wonder what impact it has on them when they see me on my phone or on the computer. I have slowly been cutting my computer time less and less and you guys I am so behind on all my favorite blogs! :( It feels good though. I get way more done around the house and literally spend all my time playing with my kids. Ever since I got rid of Face book a couple years ago I have really noticed how much I care less and less about what other people are putting online about themselves. I used to be one of those people who checked Face book numerous times daily to see what “my friends” were posting, most of whom I didn’t even talk to in real life. How dumb, right?! I have a lot of issues with Face book though and that is just one of them. I started realizing Hey! I can just keep in touch with my real friends over the telephone and wait for it….in person! I don’t need everyone and their moms and grandmas to know what I am doing at all times. The things you see on my Instagram or Twitter or even this blog, are a tiny tiny fraction of my life. I would never be comfortable sharing every detail of my life online. Even now I barley ever scroll through my entire Twitter feed because I dunno, I’m just bored of it all. And honestly, I have no idea how moms of more than one child (at home) have time to keep up with all the social networks? Who knows maybe I will get into it all again someday…but this is how I am feeling these days.

I heard something on the radio the other day that said that our minds have no time to clear anymore because every second we have free-time we are scrolling through social networks on our phone. It talked about this being the reason people have such bad anxiety and stress levels because the mind has no free time anymore. It really made sense to me and I think that is what got me thinking about all this.

So thanks for reading my rant and I hope you will stick around for a while with me and my family as we try to figure out this whole parenting thing–one day at a time.

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  • Katie

    Well said! I totally understand about the anxiety thing too! And just getting super crazy busy!

    • hannahholzmann

      Thanks Katie! By the way you inspired me to give up caffeine! And so far no migraines!

  • Theresa

    Love you Hannah! I admire everything you do and honestly could never do what you do! It’s a lot of work and you are by far a super mom!

    • hannahholzmann

      you are so sweet! Love you too!

  • Emily

    Loved this! So true. You are an amazing Mom, I don’t know how you do it some days. Love you!

    • hannahholzmann

      Thanks Em, so are you! Love ya!