xoxo, the storks.

So for the past 8 months, my friend Emily and I have been playing the very important role of “the storks”. Our friend Theresa is pregnant with a baby girl and we decided to leave her secret little presents on her doorstep throughout her pregnancy, signing them, the storks. Here are some of the gifts ideas that we did…[so sorry for the quality of the pics, I didn’t think to take pictures with my good camera before dropping them off :) ]

First a pregnancy calendar to introduce ourselves.

Get it? Flutter. It would have been way cooler with a BUTTERFLY but we couldn’t find one.

Morning sickness cures!

After the loss of her sweet grandpa.

Our guess before the big gender reveal party! We really thought it was going to be a girl for the record…but we had told her that so many times that we HAD to guess a boy to throw her off even more.

Whoops we were wrong. But not really.

Again….get it?

Then we finally revealed our identities are her baby shower. We wrapped up a pretty pink plush stork and sent this cute little poem along with it. {Emily did the poem & research behind the stork which turned out to be religious and adorable}

Here is the note we included: The legend of the stork

She didn’t know it was us! yay! We had to be really sneaky…one time I drove past her house 7 different times and her car was there every time so I couldn’t drop it off until I knew she was gone. Talk about feeling like a creeper. Another time we thought she was onto us, we had my husband drop off a gift at her house while we were out with her. Muahaha.